Nate Is...Great?

So, a funny thing happened today as I was packing for my trip to Charleston, SC. Nate Robertson pitched his ass off.

There I am packing my new "Chick Slayer" outfit, checking my undies for holes, and making sure the dusty condoms in my room aren't expired (not yet!), and the bane of my existance throws six scoreless innings on 80 pitches. My other whipping boy, Clete of Nazareth even hit a two run triple. Curtis GranderThames hit another homer. And then the bullpen blew the lead. Doesn't feel good, does it, Nate? Luckily for us all, Placido Polanco gave us the win with a 10th inning sacrifice fly to put us 5 games up on the Loathesome Twinkies of Minnesota. What a day.

Congrats to you, Nate. It's the time of year when we need SOMEONE other than JV to step up and pitch like a champion. You're the last guy I expected it from, but much like Fox News, DesigNate Robertson is always fair and balanced. (?) Sure, it was against the IndiAAAns, but awesome job, anyway.

And as for Polonco, I really hope two things happen. First, I hope we get to see Mr. Potato Head play at least one more year in the Old English D. I think he may be the most overlooked and underrated Tiger of the past 20 years. Second, I hope that someone on ESPN learns to pronounce his name properly before he retires. Pla-SEED-o? I hate ESPN...

As for Clete? I still think he sucks. Good arm, though.

Seeya in a week...for real this time.