The Day In Facepalms

The worst excuse for an offense in baseball actually put together 12 hits today. However, they only scored 2 runs out of it.

Once again, Carl Pavano, worthless against the entire American League, was able to limit the damage of the Tiger bats.

This is all after being shut down yesterday 3-0, mostly by Brian Duensing, a guy that I'm pretty sure most Twins fans couldn't even pick out of a police lineup.

That one was for you, Big Al.

The 2009 Tigers team is fading fast down the stretch, much like the '06 club did. However this time, there is no Wildcard prize waiting like last time. The Twins are charging, despite losing annual MVP candidate, Justin Morneau, for the season. They've now won 6 games in a row, while we've dropped our last 3. I mean, Jesus...

And today, we fell victim to not only Joe Mauer's sideburns, Michael Cuddyer's Joe Crede impression, but once again to that abortion of a stadium called the Metrodome. We can't buy a win in that hellhole. And why was inexperienced Don Kelly put in left field late in the game? It's bad enough that JV and EJax's arms are going to fall off any day now throwing 185 pitches a game, but now Jim's overthinking things by putting Don Freakin' Kelly in left? I'd rather have Marcus out there.

Am I too hard on Jim Leyland? Is it too much to ask Magglio to hit a home run or two? For Curtis Granderson to quit being a lefty Marcus Thames? For Brandon Inge to look like he's seen a breaking ball at some point in his life at the plate? For Aubrey Huff to quit putting so much pressure on himself? For Clete Thomas not to suck so much?

Tomorrow will be the closest game the Tigers have come to it being a "must win" game this year. A sweep will take it down to a one game lead. Jackson is gassed. The offense is crap. The bullpen is ridiculous, for the most part. And our starter in this most important of games?

Nate Robertson.

I got a text from a friend of mine today saying, "I'd rather have a hundred loss season than fall apart down the stretch."

Sure, it's not over yet. But it's getting scary. And I think I agree with my friend. If the Tigers blow this, I think it'll hurt more than losing 119 games.

Nate...we're counting on you.