Boring updates

No good excuses for the withering of all activity around these parts -- busy summer with classes and such, busy August with visits and vacations, busy September with classes and so on.

I have written a paper on Avicenna's discussion of why sheep know to fear wolves and how dogs learn to fear sticks, but I doubt that's stuff of interest around here. I'm currently writing something on the problem of reconciling theories of perception with theories of art and pictures -- which is of slightly more relevance, so maybe something of that will end up making its way here.

I'll be studying Spinoza and Bernard Williams this term, as well as auditing (again) the intro seminar for new philosophy grads. I'd say that I'll write about those learning experiences, but to be entirely honest, the writing urge is dying out, or down, as it may be. I doubt this is anything to be concerned about or to analyze too closely so I'll just leave it as it is. It's just as likely that a flourishing of blog-activity is just around the corner!