Record Number of 13 Year Old Girls Vote Inge To All Star Game

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Young women all over the country took time away from their Jonas Brothers fan pages to vote Brandon Inge into the 2009 All Star Game with an AL record 11.8 million votes cast for him. Messy-haired douchebags all over the nation are currently upset as their campaign to get Ian Kinsler of the Rangers to St. Louis next week has come up short. The pre-teen female market has spoken and Brandon Inge is in.

I kid. Congrats to Bran-Torino on each of them getting into the All Star Game. Inge is my choice as the Tigers first half MVP on both offense and defense. I'm proud of our Special Little Guy despite my doubts on his ability to keep it up throughout the second half. Hopefully he, JV, EJax, and Granderson can all make an impact next week against the NL.

Remember, Brandon. You owe me, now. I did vote for you SEVEN times, after all. Remember that.