Defending The Blogosphere

Before we get back from our All Star interruption, I want to take a second here to say something about my biggest pet peeve involving sportswriters. That would be the way so many of them attack blogs. It was at it's peak during the whole Raul Ibanez saga a while back, but every couple weeks I hear some smug prick on TV running down the concept of blogging, and as sure as death, taxes, and a Nate blow up, they use the phrase "blogging in their parents' basement" to finish up their rant. Original.

In today's world, for the most part, I cannot stand the modern sportswriter. It is a world of "gotcha" or tabloid journalism, for the most part. They ask their cliched questions after every event and if an athlete, God forbid, actually speaks his mind, they rip him apart (and usually take statements out of context) in the media. Look at Ryan Braun. He criticized the Brewers' pitching, as well as their hitting. However, the "legit" media did nothing but focus on him "calling out the pitching staff". They try to tear someone down for a week or so before going back to babbling about the Yanks, the Sawx, and Brett Favre.

But the blogging community, especially from what I've seen among Tiger fans, offers a great alternative to the talking heads of ESPN and Fox Sports. We talk about whatever is on our minds and what we find interesting. Steriods, Manny Ramirez, and Derek Jeter's wooden responses to stupid questions are not all there is to baseball. But you'd never know that from watching Sportscenter.

They're not all bad, of course. I like Buster Olney and Peter Gammons. Michael Wilbon's cool. And sure, there are others. But the Jay Mariottis and Woody Paiges of the world do nothing but annoy me more and more every day. That's why myself, and more and more sports fans every day, are going to and starting blogs to discuss sports. I don't think the mainstream sportswriter likes this and that is perhaps why they continue to bash blogging. Their lazy journalism isn't the only game in town anymore.

The Tigers' blogroll is great and has made me appreciate my team more than ever in the past year. Bless You Boys and The Detroit Tigers Weblog are the only places you need to go to find out any important Tigers news or rumors. Sites like The Spotstarters and Mack Avenue Tigers never fail to disappoint in bringing great opinions or looks at the team that you may not have considered before. Want to read about current Tigers issues as well as maybe learn a bit about the team's past? Check out The Daily Fungo or Where Have You Gone, Johnny Grubb. Like stats? Lee over at Tiger Tales or the Fire Jim Leyland blog are the places to visit. Want a guaranteed smile every time you visit the blog? Check out Roar of the Tigers. Do you like typos and poorly thought out ideas? You're in the right place right here! Any of the blogs to the left are good places to spend some time and appreciate the real opinions of real fans.

Sadly, I don't even think many national sportswriters even enjoy sports anymore. It's just a job to them and the joy is gone. Most bloggers have real jobs and real problems and do the sportswriters' job as a hobby for the fun of it. Maybe the Mariottis and such of the world should spend some time in their parents' basement for a while and try and figure out exactly when they became so jaded. Take time to remember what it was like to be a real fan again and have an original opinion.

Or they can just go fist themselves. I'm not paying attention to them anymore, anyways. Keep up the good work in the second half, my friends. And thanks for doing what you do.