Deadline Deals

Acquiring Jarrod Washburn is the only move the Tigers made before the 4pm deadline today. He's 8-6 with a 2.64 ERA this year in Seattle after going 23-43 his first three seasons with the M's. Washburn is 106-106 for his career with the Angels and Mariners. Both sides are claiming victory in this deal with the majority of experts I've seen saying it's a great deal for Detroit.

I'm happy, I guess. We gave up "The Tickler" Luke French and A-ball pitcher Mauricio Robles for him...not exactly our best prospects. Earlier reports had the Tigers talking to Seattle about Felix Hernandez, but those talks fell through quickly.

The sad news for Tiger fans is the fact that Carlos Guillen, returning from injury, remains the only offensive addition the Tigers will have to the lineup. Luke Scott, Aubrey Huff, Josh Willingham, and Adam Dunn were names being thrown around, but apparently asking prices were too high for Double D. I'm amazed that nothing could be done to help the lineup, but I have faith in Dombrowski, more often than not to get a deal done if there is one.

Elsewhere around the AL Central...

The White Sox, after being VERY quiet (for them), finally got Jake Peavy from the Padres in exchange for promising lefty Clayton Richard, lefty Aaron Poreda, and righties Dexter Carter of A-ball and Adam Russell of AAA-ball. Richard was 4-3 with a 4.65 ERA this year including 8 innings of 1 run ball against Detroit on 7/26. Poreda is 6'5, 240 and was the Sox's #1 prospect last year (#3 this year). The important part of this, as it relates to the Central race, is that Peavy is hurt. He's been on the DL since 6/9 and no one knows when he'll be healthy again. Does Kenny Williams know something that the rest of us do not? Before the injury, Peavy was an un-Peavy-like 6-6 with a 3.97 ERA.

The Twins got crappy shortstop Orlando Cabrera (and cash) from the A's for their second round pick last year, shortstop Tyler Ladendorf, a Billy Beane favorite, it seems. Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Joe Nathan, and other Twins veterans were making noise about the team not making any moves and this seems like a weak one, in my opinion, just to say they did something. Cabrera's OBP of .318 this season isn't much of an improvement over anything the Twins didn't already have.

The Indians traded their entire team away in hopes of recreating the Sizemore/Phillips/Lee for Fatty Colon deal of 2002. Cliff Lee, Victor Martinez, Ryan Garko, and Ben Francisco have all moved on in exchange for a boatload of prospects. How this pans out for the Racist Logos in the future remains to be seen, but they sure helped to load up the Red Sox and Phillies as playoff favorites.

The only other item I'll mention was the Tigers unloading DNR personal favorite, Josh Anderson, to the Royals for cash. Josh didn't hit much lately, but I think they gave up on him a bit soon. He had some dumb moments, but with his speed and better defense than he gets credit for, I think Josh is going to be a good player. Good luck in Kansas City, Neo. You may still be "The One". Just stay away from Farnsworth. That guy's a dick.

My baseball plans for the next few days just got much more interesting. I have tickets for Tuesday's game at the CoPa against Baltimore. It's been announced that that game will be Washburn's Tiger debut. Make it a good one, Jarrod. And even MORE exciting, I'll be at tomorrow's Tigers/Tribe game in Cleveland where it is VICTOR MARTINEZ BOBBLEHEAD DAY! Look for me on television being pummeled by angry Indians fans for taunting them with their ex-all star catcher's toy.