I have a few small projects in the works and finally taking some form -- so as a reminder to myself most of all, I plan to work through some thoughts on the following:

Sarah Scott's Millennium Hall -- in relation to Lucrezia Marinella's argument discussed earlier. I'm mostly just planning to work through the various character studies and tales of virtue rewarded and vice punished, but I also want to try and spell out an argument that rests upon an essentialist picture of men and women. Scott seems to argue that the essential vice of a woman is vanity -- a vice to which even the noblest and best-educated woman will be susceptible. The essential vice of man is passion for women/'love' -- though the evidence for this is more diffuse. But as such, women will be nobler than men because even in her essential vice a woman will harm only herself, whereas the man, in his essential vice will cause the destruction of others. Much to work through here.

I am assisting with some research this summer and the reading has begun to turn over some very fertile ground -- I hope to look closer at Marinella, and then Scott and her contemporaries. Rousseau will also be revisited.

I'll also hopefully continue some course work on issues in perception, tentatively branching out into aesthetic perception and/or issues in deception. I'll probably return to various articles from the most recent issues of Cabinet which are sticking in the back of my mind as relevant to these topics.

And finally, I've begun reading some selected essays by Montaigne and hope to share some excerpts here.