Bad News......

Two of Dorien's great loves - dogs like this one: She had a black retriever/cross dog called Christy - who lasted till he was well into his latter teens, she was into dog training and ran a class teaching others how to control their dogs.

She also couldn't resist babies and young ones and she was my youngest sister's and my built in babysitter..

Hi Folks,

My wee sister Dorien ......... I had a phone call just just before 5 o'clock this morning giving me the message I was expecting but dreading ...... Dorien's condition had deteriorated since we had left last night at 9 pm and that we should attend the hospital if we wanted to see her - when we arrived the nurse who had phoned told me that she had passed away just after she had phoned me.

I have now lost my best friend and my sister and I feel empty already ...... For the last week Rob and I along with our other siblings and members of our family have been spending much of our time going to and from the hospital, keeping her company - just talking and also including her in our lives while she lay comatose in her hospital bed ... she seemed at times to show some acknowledgement of our presence with eybrows being raised or making a face as though to say 'that's not right' or 'that's rubbish' or even ' just wait till I can get out of this bed' !!!

Now the inevitable has happened ! Dorien had previously beaten a cancer called - Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma by having had a bone marrow transplant over 17 years ago and her Consultant was so proud of the fact that he had succeeded in helping her beat it and that she had survived for so long - the only one of his patients to have done so for such a long period of time. Unbeknown to any of us Dorien was waiting all that time for the cancer to return, it was only when this problem surfaced that she told me - God what a ruddy weight for anyone to carry - just ready for the axe to fall !

During the last few months some of you will have been aware that she was suffering from a recurrence of cancer, the problem this time was that it was a much more more virulent and agressive type called 'small cell lung cancer' combined with secondaries in her bones and subsequently elsewhere. Well today she passed on to a better place. As I am her next of kin and will be dealing with the winding up of her affairs and the emptying of her flat etc .... I expect this will probably take a couple of weeks. I will therefore not be posting any blogs for a while..

I'd like to take this opportunity of thanking those who were already aware of Dorien's illness and who had been in touch over the recent past for their understanding and their kind comments.

I have loaded this video, because it was from a film that Dorien and I enjoyed and she loved weepies too . It also says all that I feel at this moment .
As it says in the heading for this video - get the tissues out !

Thanks and Cheers for now, Love Kate xxx.