Game 6: Hello, .500. It's been a while.


It seems like every team out there has another team that just has its number. For the's the entire AL Central. But for the Rangers, it just seems to be Detroit. I love playing the Rangers and today, Detroit squeaked out a 4-3 win that wasn't as close as the score indicates.

-Now, THIS is why Brandon Inge irritates me...for the two things he did today. One, runner on second, less than two outs, he grounds out to third. I knew those early homers would screw his swing up (even more) because he's swinging for the seats again every time. Brandon, you are NOT Babe Ruth! Swing more like Magglio than Miguel...please! The other was the throwing error. Brandon Inge makes some amazing plays. But routine ones, he screws up way too much for someone with his defensive talent. I don't get it and between him and Everett, they almost cost us the game today.

-I know Rod Allen has his fans. And you know, I can see why some find him entertaining with his goofiness. But he's terrible. Tim McCarver shakes his head at Rod's commentary. He screws up almost everything he tries to say. The next intelligent thing out of his mouth will be the first. For example, Mario's talking about Armando's performance yesterday. Rod butts in and calls him "Andres Galarraga". Mario corrects Rod. Rod apologizes and mentions that Andres was a shortshop. WTF? Let me simplify the "Rod Allen Drinking Game" for you. Every time Rod says something that is wrong or makes no sense, take a drink. By the All-Star Break, your liver will be gone.

-Idiots who text for Player of the Game. I don't know who won, but the early leader was Miguel who was hitless today. How does that make sense? By the way, I was kidding about the whole "Senor Ding Dong" nickname for Cabrera. I like what the Tigers put on the scoreboard when he does well. "Cab-oom". Much better than "Cabby".

-The pitching. JV struck out 8 and only gave up one run. He didn't get the win and only pitched 5 innings due to 4 walks and the Everett/Inge misplays jacking up his pitch count. But Justin looked much better today. All we needed was a little less "April in the D" and a little more "D in April". Yes, I just went there. Sorry. After that, Our Hero was DomiNATE today, Seay and Perry did their jobs, and Fernando? Is that you? Do we start calling you K-Rod-ney? You're pitching like it's a contract year or something!

-Polonco. Two doubles today. Hopefully this gets him on a roll.

-Special props to the fan down the third base line today. Polonco's double is rolling around and some idiot tries to grab it. Another fan grabs the idiot from touching the ball and Everett ends up scoring from first with the winning run. If Steve Bartman's Detroit cousin touches that ball, who knows what happens today?

ON DECK: Tigers go for the sweep on Easter Sunday and try to get over .500 for the first time in a while. I'll be at the game on Monday. If you're there, just look for the creepy guy harassing girls in Inge jerseys about if they have a tattoo on their lower back. I love doing that. Happy Easter, kids.