[van der Weyden - Portrait of a Lady]

I'm continuing on in my series of posts on Women, Beauty and Love -- many of these thoughts have been born in the interstices of conversations, in moments between steps on my walk home, in moments in the darkness of night, trying to fall asleep and yet also trying, for the first time to see this mess I've discovered -- a mess which perpetuates the worst sort of dualism between mind and body, a mess which perpetuates 'battles' of the sexes and confusion both in relationships and in identities, a mess which makes people long to consume abstract things because they cannot find the nourishment they actually lack, a mess which turns external 'controllable' uncontrollables into a currency by which value is determined and traded for -- a mess I cannot help but see all around me.

I'm going to first look at a way of understanding the dangers of the longevity of the classical myths of beauty and love -- a brief foray into theories of identity-formation as a process in narrative-formation and role-creation -- then on to the contemporary Beauty Myth and its persistence, and finally where we might go from here. I'm not sure when these installments will come out, but that's what to expect.