After adopting my cat, my sleeping patterns shifted to accommodate early morning cat feeding. Generally, she wakes me up between 4:30 and 6:00 am with a series of deep, troubling/troubled howls. This is peripheral. What is fascinating is that I've often noticed that the dreams which are interrupted at this stage are very different from the dreams I'm accustomed to remembering. I'm accustomed to remembering technicolor, vivid dreams which are exciting, varied and a bit on the surreal side. But these new dreams are very different -- when I wake I am struck by the sense of having been in the middle of some deep reflection on some issue that I had been thinking of earlier in the day. When I was in the middle of writing a paper on identity theory, I remember waking up with those thoughts in my mind. Not vague but rather some fine-grained aspect of U.T. Place's argument, which I had been teasing out. Last night I fell asleep after a(nother) class discussion on Dennett's 'Quining Qualia' and some independent work toward a paper topic on the problems of consciousness. When my cat woke me I was very aware of the fact that I had been just tangling/disentangling those same issues in philosophy of mind.

Never before have I been aware of this substantive nature of my dreams -- it feels almost as though serious work is going on without my being aware of it (very interesting in light of the topic of this work).