DD's Mistake Kills The Pen

Rotoworld points this out to me. In yesterday's game, Fernando Rodney blew a two-run lead in the eighth and Brandon Lyon gave up a run to lose it in the ninth. Now, if the pen keeps pouring gas of the fire this year like it did last year, they point out the huge extensions that were given to Nate and Dontrelle after crappy 2007 seasons by our friend, Double D. $7 million to Nate and $10 to Dontrelle this year alone...for what? Looking like crap? Imagine who we could have gone after for the pen with that money. Instead, we have dumb and dumber (with a crooked hat) anchoring our pen. Combined, they have given up 19 runs (13 earned) and 28 hits in just 17 innings this spring. Again...what could we have done with that money?

Instead, this is what Nate is doing with his "hard earned" money.

Yes...I know this is nothing new. I just wanted an excuse to show this ridiculous photo. Thanks to Derek for sending it to me.

I hate this team...