Cartoons / Are You Scottish ? / A Video Funny !

Hi Folks,
The post today is mainly for the inhabitants of a small country which is part of Great Britain and shows whether readers of this blog 'are or could be' part Scottish - mind you we are only too willing to accept folk who haven't been born or bred in this 'God's own Country' - In actual fact there must be thousands of people who have had Scottish ancestry by the looks of the history books 'cos we Scots folk got everywhere - hehehehe...

Anyway to get back to the subject, here this is a list of ' Pure dead giveaways that you are Scottish in some way or other ...... and you can be sure that we will welcome you here to this land - especially as this year is the 'Year of Scottish Homecoming'.

So - As we say 'Enjoy yersel yer at yer Auntie's '...

You have a wide knowledge of local words, and know: Numpty is an idiot, Aye is yes, Aye right is No,
Auld-yin is someone over 40, and 'Baltic' is 'freezing cold.'
You have an irrational need to eat anything from the chippy, (Fish and Chip shop) as long as its deep fried - Haggis, pizza, white pudding, sausage, fish, chicken and battered Mars Bars.
You have an enormous feeling of dread, even when Scotland play a wee diddy team.
You are able to recognise the regional dialect,
(Glasgow) 'Awright pal, gonie gies a wee swatcha yir paper Nat, Cheers, magic pal.
( Aberdeen ) Fitlike Loon? Furryboots ya bin up tae? Fair few quines in the night, min. ( Inverness ) Ah-eee right enuffff! How's you keeeepeeeen?
You have eaten the following: Mince and Tatties, Cullen Skink, Tunnock's Teacakes, Snowballs and Caramel Wafers, Porrige, Macaroon Bar, Baxter's Soup, Scotch Pie, Oatcakes.
You lose all respect for a groom who doesn't wear a kilt.
You don't do shopping, you 'go for the messages.'
You are able to conduct a 20 minute phone call using three words only,-- Awright, aye, and naw ...
When you refuse the offer of a drink, you hear, ' You no well?'
You have heard the following song sung ...
You canny fling pieces oot a 20 storey flat,
700 hungry weans'll testify! to that,
If its butter, cheese or jeelie,
If the breed be plain or pan,
The odds against reaching earth,
Are ninety nine tae wan.
You know that going to a party means bringin a Kerry oot.
Your holiday in Benidorm is ruined when you hear there is a heatwave back home.
Scotland go 2-0 up against the French, and you immediately think, getting beat 3-2 was 'no a bad result'.
You can pronounce: McConnochie, Ecclefechan, Milngavie, and Kirkcaldy.
You are used to four seasons in one day. (winter, winter, autumn, winter)
You measure distance in minutes.
You understand Rab C. Nesbitt.
You know what haggis is made with, but you still enjoy it! .
You know someone who planned their wedding around the football fixtures.
You have been to a wedding and the football results have been announced in church.
You know that Irn-Bru is a good hangover cure.
You would 'nut' a terrorist if they tried to bomb your Airport.
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Scottish language test:
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I'm finishing this blog off with a really funny video - some folk might think I shouldn't make fun of this but I'm sure there are many more who will see the funny side !!

Cheers from the land of the Tartan and the Heather, Love Kate xxx.