A New Island /Joke / The Ice Melting /Soppy Video...

The sand you see here is floating on the water .........

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In November 2006, the yacht 'Maiken' was traveling in the South Pacific when they came across a weird sight ...... It was sand in the water, and the sand was floating ON TOP of the waves.. This is not a beach, it is floating on the water. The trail left by the yacht.. through the sand
And then land was spotted appearing out of the water ..... through the ash and steam rising from the ocean... And, while they were watching...

A brand new island formed...A plume of black ash... Tonga volcanic eruption seen by yacht crew 08 Nov 2006, 18:07
Can you imagine the thrill of being the first and the only people to see a new island being created , seemingly from nowhere? Mother Nature in all her amazing spleandour! An awesome sight to behold.
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A Global Warming Protest ! It really 'is' happening !!!

The above picture shows Ice has melted .
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Antarctic Ice Shelf Vista Credit & Copyright: Helmut Rott (U. Innsbruck)
Explanation: It's all gone but the mountains. Most of the sprawling landscape of ice that lies between the mountains visible above has now disintegrated. The above picture was taken in Antarctica from the top of Grey Nunatak, one of three Seal Nunatak mountains that border the Larsen B Ice-Shelf. The other two nunataks are visible in the picture taken in 1994. Over the past several years large chunks of the 200-meter thick Larsen B Ice-Shelf have been breaking off and disintegrating. The cause is the local high temperatures of recent years, part of a planet wide climate change called global warming. Over the past few years, the area that has disintegrated is roughly the size of Luxembourg. As ice-shelves break up, they unblock other ice sheets that fall onto the ocean, raising sea levels everywhere. Scientists are watching the much-larger Ross Ice Shelf, which, if it fully collapses, could cause global sea levels to rise five meters over the next few hundred years.
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To finish this post I am ending with this wee video ....
I think it is very special and full of the Awwww factor !
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