Quick HOF Post

Nothing long and drawn out here, just a couple notes.

Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice made it into the Hall, just as expected. Congrats, Rickey...you deserved it. Jim Ed...congrats, but not so much.

I cannot stand the Hall of Fame selection process. The sportswriters that vote are not required to publicly admit who they voted for. For these former great athletes to be at the mercy of invisible sportswriters is a joke. Why?

Because Jesse Orosco got a vote. Jay Bell got two. Mo Vaughn got six votes. Matt Friggin' Williams got seven. This is the HALL OF FAME! The writers that do not take this seriously should not be allowed to vote again. Come on...Jay Bell in the Hall with Ted Williams, Willie Mays, and The Babe?

Next thing: Rickey got elected with 94.8% of the vote. That means 5% of the voters decided against him. How can you justify not voting the all time stolen base and run leader into the Hall? The best leadoff hitter in history...it amazes me. Is this voting process really set in stone?

And Rice...on his 15th and final ballot gets 76.4% of the vote with 75% required for Hall of Fame entry. Wow, Jim...you must be proud. You were good, and as I've said before, I don't think these guys necessarily belong, but I'd put in Raines, Dawson, Morris, Trammell, and McGwire in before Jim Rice. For the record, Tram got 17.4% of the vote and Jack received 44%. Oh yeah, and there's that other guy...

Once again, Bert Blyleven gets screwed, only getting 62.7% of the vote. I've detailed this all before, but it's complete B.S. to leave Blyleven out. And listening to Jon Heyman today on the MLB Network talking stupid nonsense about Bert one minute and kissing Barry Larkin's (on the ballot next year) butt the next because he is in studio...no wonder the Fire Joe Morgan staff hated him so much.

So yeah...already said more than I thought I was going to. It's amazing how annoyed I can get at a stupid summer game in the middle of January...