My Gift Wrap Moans/A Feel Good Story/ Joke Video..

If a Big Fat Guy grabs you and puts you in a Bag, Don't worry, I told Santa that I wanted a Good Friend for Christmas !!!

Hi Folks,

It's nearly Christmas and I 'still' haven't got all the presents out that I have been buying for the last three months and checked them over then wrapped and labelled them. Oh Lord this is the bit of Christmas that I dread 'cos no matter how I try to do it I am aching afterwards. Now I'm saying this and I know what the answer is (it ain't rocket science) I should wrap them and lable them a few at a time.... yeah I know ! but do I do that ? Nope, so every blessed year I'm sore and achy argghhhh!

Why can't there be a wrapping fairy who rents herself (or even himself) out to wrap gifts - I have a feeling that they would make a fortune (provided mind you, that they didn't charge a flippen fortune for each one).

The last few years I have cheated and bought gift bags for the majority of the gifts but the thing with that is .... when you get given a gift some of the pleasure in receiving it is in the unwrapping of it, know what I mean ? The children's presents are easy I buy a sack, plastic or cloth 'Santa' ones and just put everything into them, kids enjoy just getting into the toys, never mind the unwrapping them.... and that way it does away with the constant picking up of torn wrapping paper, ( we must have a household binful of wrapping paper and card alone) never mind our household rubbish !

How does everyone else feel about this added chore at Christmas, in the last couple of years it has become fashionable to wrap pressies in pretty tissue paper with 'things' hanging from them ... ie butterflies, or santas or fairies or elves, kind of like attaching emblems or such to your handbag with clips etc... and 'then' pop them into a gift bag... 'They' are flippen adding to the 'things' we normal folk have to do at Christmas.

I have just re-read the foregoing and have come to the conclusion that I have become another "Bah Humbug" but I really can't help it - why can't we just get back to the 'olden days' when it was the thought that counted not how much you spend on the gift, never mind the outer wrappings !

Oh to hang! Kate, lighten up - it's nearly Christmas !

~~~ A Feel Good Story ~~~

There are so many ways to get caught out saying unpleasant things that you have to wonder why anyone bothers. The other day I over heard a local gossip criticising a certain family. Despite the fact both parents were in well-paid professions the whole family looked like they dressed from Charity Shops.

Her friend nodded and agreed it was scandalous - then someone who just happened to hear them and who knew the family put them right in no uncertain terms. The family did buy a lot of clothing from charity shops, she said. It was their way of helping the charities and though they did have a decent income a lot of their money quietly went to good causes.

Well, can you imagine the colour of the gossip's face. It's true we never regret the good things we say, but we often regret the bad. So let's just stick to the good !

~~~ I couldn't resist the next wee video I thought it hilarious - enjoy!