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Hi Folks,

Telling lies is wrong, there's no doubt about it. Take the bloke I'm going to call Donald. His sister struggles as a single parent, but through her hard times she's been fiercely independent, refusing her brother's repeated offers of help. Well, a few days ago Donald received an unexpected and quite substantial, bonus from his work and the first thing he did was phone his sister and told her the money was a gift to both of them from a long-forgotten distant relative. "What are you going to do with your half?" he asked.

As I said already, telling lies is wrong, I know that. But somehow, I just can't bring myself to tell Donald he did wrong...
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Twelve year old Ashley was nervous about her part in the Guides carol service. Her Dad James was doing his best to reaussure her. "You do it then," Ashley grumped. James laughed at the very thought. One thing he was not was a singer. "Dad, you sing everywhere". Ashley responded. "In the shower, in the kitchen, in the garden, in your hut "...

James was dumbfounded, his wife just looked at him and nodded. It's not often we get to see ourselves as others see us. Sometimes we don't want to. But quite often they see us as better than we think we are. Someone who sings everywhere ? James will happily settle for that..
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The young couple in the bank looked like they'd known nothing but hard times for a while . As the woman tended to the baby in the buggy, the man glanced around at the other people in the queue who were waiting. He shifted uncomfortably, seeming to feel really out of place. Then his wife turned the pram around and the little one caught sight of him.

"Daddy", she said, then "that's my Daddy!" with the emphasis on the 'my' - her voice got louder and more emphatic. A strange thing happened - he stood taller, his smile brightened.

His financial situation hadn't altered - but he had! He didn't look so out of place any more. In fact, most of us, I am sure, thought he was the luckiest man in the whole bank. All because of a little child's voice...

P.S. While I was reading this I was reminded of being at the nursery school's 'Christmas Show' for the Mums Dads and Granparents the other week. I could hear Louis saying loudly to his friend next to him and giving him a nudge - "That's 'my' Nana" and waving excitedly to me. I hope this post has reminded you of a 'Happy' moment...
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My Space have just improved their video facility so I thought I would try them out. Go on - have a laugh...

Attack of the killer tortoise !
Kitty whack-a-Mouse !
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I would end this post with the Hope that everybody has a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2009...

Cheers and Love from the land of the Tartan and the Heather, Kate xxx.