This has been an incredible year, an unexpected, unplanned-for year. I think of all I have learned, of the growth, the wonder, the joy, and also a dangerous dip toward despair that I battled and surmounted. This has been a year of incredible reading, learning and writing -- a year of letters sent and received -- of new friends, of old friends -- a year of family, wonderful people that I am proud of and amused by and so thankful for -- a year of creating, crafting and working with my hands -- a year of transitions and difficulties -- a year of teaching and coaching and interacting -- a year of love and of understanding.

I will spend tonight with family, in this crazy wind at this slippery turning-point in the year's circle.

I have no big plans for the new year -- I think of Katherine Mansfield, of the passage I copied here -- and I think that, yes, All is well.

And to the wonderful people who have been so supportive of my babbling and rambling here, thank you and Happy New Year!