My Friend Jessie and 2 Stories from Francis Gay...

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Firstly, I'd like to relate something that happened to a friend recently - Jessie was set for a hectic morning in the Health Centre. The other nurse was off ill, which meant she'd have two lots of appointments to deal with. On top of that she had a million other things to do, so she resolved to rattle through the appointments as quickly as possible.

The first patient was an elderly man she didn't know. His ailment was relatively minor, but he seemed keen to talk. When he mentioned his wife's passing Jessie realised he was simply lonely. What else could she do ? They chatted a while and, as he left, the man stopped at the door. "I may not remember your name, " he said, "but I'll always remember your kindness."
In the space of one deep breath Jessie re-organised her priorities for the day. Meeting schedules and getting paperwork done were all very important, but, as her patient had reminded her, it's people that count.

A Couple of Stories from my Friendship Book.
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It's not often I see John out without his wife, but he explained Sharon had gone away to celebrate her Mum's 70th Birthday. She's treated her to a trip to New York. That must have cost a pretty poenny, I ventured. John agreed. They didn't really have the money for such lavish treats, he explained, so he was going to have to try to line up a few extra shifts at work to help pay the bill.

But what else could he do ? Sharon's Mum had dreamed of going to New York since she was a young girl. I sympathised, but then John grinned. "Don't worry about me," he laughed. Which do you think will last longer? My memories of working a few extra shifts - or Sharon and her Mum's memories of a magical weekend together? " Then off he walked - A very wise man ...
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Rob had a few friends and family around at his house last week for a Bonfire Night get-together. He let off a few small fireworks and everyone tucked into a big pot of stovies. Then he set light to a bonfire at the bottom of the garden.
Everyone gathered round keeping warm. Some people popped foil-wrapped potatoes into the glowing embers at the edge to bake, while others tossed on sticks and logs. But then he noticed his friend Eileen taking an envelope out of her pocket and throwing it on the fire. What was she up to he wondered ?
Curiosity got the better of him, he went over and asked what she'd thrown onto the fire... At first she blushed, but then she explained. "You know I've had a bad year." she said " What with Mum dying and the big flood at the house, not to mention Jack being bullied at school".

"Well, I'm drawing a line under all that." she went on "I wrote all of my problems down, as well as my worries about the future, and put them in that envelope. "By throwing them on to the fire I'm hoping the bad memories will go up in smoke with them and I can accept what has happened and move on ." Rob hopes her symbolic ceremony works for her.

Burning wood on Bonfire Night is all part of the fun, but he reckons reducing your worries to ashes is even better.
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A disappointment well may be a blessing in disguise
Because quite often you will see where another opening lies
and if you take that chance you'll find Truth in those words of old.
That every cloud is silver lined and your new path will unfold...

Cheers from the land of the Tartan and the Heather, Love Kate xxx.