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I have finally conquered the setting up of videos on my blog - without showing my email details etc. - it's only taken about 9 months to figure out a way to do it, it's still not completely correctly done but it will do OK until I get lessons. In the meantime I just have to hit the 'back to' arrow on the top left corner of the screen when the video has been viewed. Really should take some lessons on how to do things rather that 'finding my way through'. I have been trying to set the first of these two videos on my site for ages. While I was finally putting it on the site I found the second of these videos - enjoy ! 'cos I certainly did.

Baby in sink - enjoying and snoozing in the warm running water ...
Twin baby boys talking to each other and laughing away..
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Nicola was at an appraisal meeting at her work. During the meeting the group started discussing a colleague who wasn't present. Nicola didn't think this was right, but was nervous about speaking up in front of her boss.

But her conscience was stronger than her worry about job security. When she voiced her opinion the boss slapped the arm of his chair. "I've been chairing these meetings for years and no-one's ever said that to me!" Nicola was already emptying her desk when the boss smiled and said, "Gold star, Nicola!" Sometimes someone has to take a risk and stand up for what's right - and sometimes that works out well for everyone.

As for Nicola, well, she's been out of school for years now, but she still isn't too old to appreciate a gold star !
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Like everyone else, Shirley's been feeling the pinch financially. Walking into the supermarket with her children she was already planning how best to stretch her limited budget. Then, halfway down one aisle, she saw a man she recognised, but couldn't think from where, as she watched him check the prices of several items and put them back, she realised he was the man who sold the big issue in their area.

Without thinking Shirley walked up, said hello and pushed some money into the man's hand. Telling me about it later, Shirley wasn't sure she'd done the right thing. Sure, she'd helped someone who needed it, but had she deprived her own family ?

Deprived ? When I thought about her children watching their Mum help someone in greater need, I couldn't think of them as deprived. With a Mum like Shirley and the example of kindness and love she set. I'd say her family were rich beyond mere money.
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Do you ever think that there may be deep within your mind
A talent waiting to be free and you have been so blind ?
So shake yourself and have a go at doing something new ..
Unless you try, you'll never know what wonders you can do.
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Two Celtic supporters was at a football game where Celtic are losing 1-0 to Kilmarnock and the Manager decides to have a new player from Italy called 'Anoni' go on as a substitute in the second half of the game... A couple of Celtic ***weegies were standing moaning about the state of play . They wonder how the team can 'get their fingers out' ... and win against Kilmarnock. They saw the Italian player, who had been bought a few months previously and who 'they' realised was not a great player and had been a bit of a dud, go on to the pitch and one supporter said to the other - " Aw help ma boab ! no-anoni-oan-an'aw-noo !" It should be said quickly and as it reads and with no hesitation - hehehe .... Translation of Parliamo Glasgow - " Oh for Goodness sake ! Not Anoni on as well now"... meaning OMG Here we go again, now we've no chance!

Now I realise that only someone from Scotland or someone with Scottish connections will understand this - but I just 'had' to add this to today's blog, 'cos it's hilarious to them and is an example of Scottish *** 'banter'...
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The last item I'm adding is a wee video of a squirrel playing with a nut as a football - blimey, the Scotland Football team could be doing with him ... The Vid is hilarious !!

Cheers from the land of the Tartan and the Heather, Love Kate xxx . *** weegies are Glaswegians (Glasgow Folk) and banter is the Glasgow chat/talk