Risky Hill / Risque Joke - Rabbits

Hi Folks,

Well, I have seen everything now ! When I keyed into my P.C. this morning I was just in time to see an old man passing by on the pavement at a h*ll of a rate of knots down the road to the garage across the road from us. I sit at my PC which is set up so that I have a full view of all that goes on - well not quite , but you get the idea. I could, without being nosy see that he was wearing his PJ's under a 'thick padded long winter jacket.' He was driving one of these invalid mobile electric scooter things... teehee... he probably didn't think it was worth it to put his clothes on .

I have heard of women driving kids to school in their PJ's but going to collect his paper ?? Gosh the sights you see when you don't have a camera, I live on a hill and you have no idea how many folk on bikes etc because they have a freerun down the hill along the pavement just take their feet off the pedals and let rip down the hill. Gosh, have we now to watch out for invalid scooters ? If you hear of some woman getting hit by an invalid vehicle and run down outside her gate you'll know who is being spoken about ! The thing is our hedge (which is under the cutting control of our downstairs neighbours) is nearly six feet high - so it isn't exactly easy to see one of these vehicles hairing along the pavement.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Did you hear this one ? ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

An old couple were discussing things like Death and the Afterlife and made the decision that which ever one would go first would try hard and contact the other a year or so afterwards....

In due course the husband died and a year or so afterwards his wife was thinking about him and heard her husband's voice saying 'Mary, Mary can you hear me?' Mary shouted 'Yes Bobby I can hear you ! Oh this is fantastic, tell me what it is like in the Afterlife what do you do' ? Well he said - 'I get up in the morning have breakfast, have sex then go for a walk, have lunch, go and see friends have sex, have tea then have more sex, go and have another stroll around the place , have sex again then it's dinner, have sex - meet up with friends again and then retire after some more sex.'

'You must have a great time now then eh ? that will just suit you down to the ground. '

'Well, I don't know about that.' ' Why not' ? she said, ' Well, I'm a rabbit living at the golf course up the road.'

Cheers from the land of the Heather and the Tartan, Love Kate xxx.