Degendered Toilets / Lost Children / Jobsworth Worker...

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Please click on the comment below and have a look at the wee video, have you ever seen anything so absurd before ?

BBC NEWS England Manchester 'De-gendered' toilets spark row

What a load of piffle, what in the world have we come to ? can somebody explain to me what the hair oil is going on ??? Has the world taken 'silly pills or aught ? Oh I ruddy well give up, let's face it 'we must be doing down the toilet pan' if we sit and listen to some little green haired goblin spouting forth about genderist toilets argghh... What kind of world do we inhabit ?

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H*lls Bells ! The other night I watched a documentary programme on ITV hosted by Esther Rantzen which showed two children (actors) who were standing about in a Shopping Mall - they were carefully monitored so that no harm would come to them. Each was filmed for half an hour or so at a time. They were told to act as though they were lost and were a bit upset at being so.

The point of this exercise was to see whether or not people would stop to ascertain whether they were lost and if they needed help etc. This was an experiment, the children were filmed in secret hundreds of people walked on by and did so without a second glance, a few passed by hesitantly, wondering whether or not to approach the kids, but frightened in case they would be thought of as being perverts or paedophiles. Out of about 15 hundred people only about half a dozen in total actually stopped but they were very wary of making a direct approach to the children...

It seems that people are so indoctrinated into not getting within 6 feet of kids in case they are accused of something perverse. The daft thing is that real perverts and paedophiles work in secret and are usually found to have groomed the children that they are interested in for some time within the home or within contact of their families.

Now this was just an exercise, what if the children had really been lost and were upset for real. (can you imagine the fear they would feel, all these hundreds of people passing by ) . Gosh, if they really were lost and no-one was paying attention to them because they would perhaps be seen as being perverts... You must admit that to 'stop' folk trying to help a wee one out of the goodness of their hearts is a totally wrong message to send both to the adults, not to offer help to a child and to the children who think that a stranger is going to hurt them in some way when they are in need of help.
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There was a story in the press recently about a couple of pensioner aged ladies testing out a new camera in a local park down in England . The park was empty, 'no children' I repeat 'no children' were playing there and while the ladies were taking pictures, a 'Jobsworth' of the first order approached them and asked them to stop taking pictures. Now the ladies were firstly upset by this request and then latterly quite angry at this 'Gestapo' speaking to them about taking photographs and telling them to stop taking them.

The 'Gestapo' employee reported them to the Park authorities and then ultimately it was passed to the legal authorities who threw the complaint out at the end of the procedure - it took two months though.... It seems that , like a lot of things it has to get to the the 'ridiculous' stage before somehow someone finally uses some sense and puts a stop to it.

What have we come to - when a child goes home from school with sunburn blisters on her back because the teachers aren't allowed to touch a child's back in order to put suncream on it. Or in another case mentioned , when a child's father had to leave work and call at his son's school in order to pluck a splinter out of the child's hand - purely because the teacher was not allowed to take the splinter out with the school's tweezers . The daft thing about that was that when the father saw the splinter he plucked it out with his fingers, no tweezers were even necessary.

We live in a completely crazy and politically correct ridden world - we should be trying to make it better for our decendants not worse. Well that little lot helped to raise my blood pressure . I think I'd better take a couple of me blood pressure pills - to try to calm me down a bit.

Cheers from one of the nutters living and trying to make a difference in this wee corner of the land of the Tartan and the Heather . Love, Kate xxx.