Cleaning / Judy's Music / Anne's dog Meg / Poem...

A photograph of me, ' happy as Larry ' while surrounded by dogs, my Mum's and mine - a looong time ago when I had hair which was not white or even grey...

Hi Folks,

Well, I have been busy today, for a change I decided to have a right good clean up of the tops of the kitchen cabinets, fridge, cooker and microwave and the inside of the cabinets I was soaked in perspiration - but at least I knew that my kitchen was a good bit cleaner than it had been previously and what a difference it made. After my clean up I thought - right ! Shower, cuppa and blog, so at the moment I am sitting in front of this P.C. I can't think what to type, but 'what the hay,' I'll just sit here enjoying my tea and have a decco out of the window until something comes to mind....

Rob is away to the shops and I must admit that it's great just to be able to sit here in peace and listen to my favourite music, country and western - God bless Judy in Kentucky... I'm listening to a selection from her player at the moment. You see I'm a bit of a 'numpty ' as far as setting up a player on my blog is concerned. I have cheated and stolen the players set up by Judy, Judy Patoote and Sylvia from ' The View from over the Hill.' I have set them to my Desktop. You will gather from the foregoing that I'm not exactly very knowledgeable about computers and how to set things up on them - in actual fact, technology and I are not even pen-pals, never mind slight acquaintances.

In order to get ahead I thought I would type it out now rather than later, having not very much to blog about I once again had a quick shufty at my favourite tome i.e. my Frances Gay Book and sure enough when I opened it up I came across this entry - so enjoy !

I met Anne and her Labrador Meg, on a walk along the Berwick coastline. She sighed and smiled as she explained how every walk with Meg takes ages because she has to stop and sniff every clump of grass and inspect every nook and cranny.

It's well known that a dog's sense of smell is 500 times more sensitive than a human's, and that must make the world endlessly interesting for them. "We don't have their noses," Anne laughed, "but we have eyes and ears and a sense of wonder - waiting for Meg gives me plenty of time to put them to good use."

Too often we walk through our lives with our heads down and the world seems bland. But if we take a tip from Meg and Anne and "sniff around" and open our eyes we might find it's 500 times more fascinating that we thought it was.

If only I was slim Dawn cried, Ignoring her kind heart inside,
Her lovely hair, her silky skin, She only wished that she was thin.
These awful lines make me look old Another cried, whose heart was gold,
Her gentle face and blue-eyed twinkle, Have lost their fight with many a wrinkle.
Fiona's legs were long, her figure great, But her straight hair was her pet hate,
Though she was beautiful and fair, She wished that she had curly hair.
Not satisfied, we want the lot, Not grateful for the things we've got,
But none of these should cause us pride - Real beauty is what's there inside.

By Chrissy Greenslade. Me thinks there's a lot of common sense in among these lines...

Cheers from the land of the Tartan and the Heather, Love Kate xxx.
P.S. OK Little Old Me-ya talked me into doing another one of these thingy's... Am posting this blog entry earlier than usual because I am on Nursery Helper duty at Louis Nursery tomorrow so I will probably not get a chance to do the blog early in the morning and will likely be too knackered by the time Louis goes home when Debbie collects him.
Your Brain's Pattern
You have a tempered, reasonable way of thinking.
You tend to take every new idea in, and meld it with your world view.
For you, everything is always changing. Each moment is different.
Your thinking process tends to be very natural - with no beginnings or endings.