Beautiful Gardens in the Fall / Peter's Treasure...

Hi Folks,

Aren't these pictures incredibly beautiful, they were taken at Butchart Gardens, Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. Talk about God's paintbrush ... It's impossible to improve on them so I'll just add a post from my friendship book - and add another wee gem too.
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Peter was devastated when his Grandad died last month. He would often pop in and visit the old man when he was a boy and Grandad would pour him a glass of limeade, open a packet of Jammie Dodgers and they would sit and play a game of Ludo.

But Peter's favourite times were when his Grandad would go over to the old chest in the corner of the Living Room and delve inside. He kept masses of old family photos in there. Peter loved looking at the pictures of his family in their younger days and all the faces of ancestors long since gone.

Last week, when it came to the sad task of hearing what Grandad had left to people, Peter was stunned and moved when it was revealed the old man had entrusted the chest full of photos to him. He's vowed to take care of that special chest as it it was full of the most precious treasure.

Which , in a way it is of course...
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My friend's little girl, Helen, was watching a TV programme with her Dad about people searching their family trees. The 10 year old was fascinated and after the show finished she disappeared to her bedroom.

An hour later she came back with a sheet of paper clenched in her hand. "What's this ?" her Dad asked "A seed," she replied proudly. Seeing her Dad's puzzled look wshe explained that as she didn't know anything about her ancestors she'd decided to grow her own family tree.

She'd written down information about her life so far and said she'd keep adding to it over the years. "Then when I have children I'll get them to add their stories to it, too ."

It sounds like a super plan. So if you don't have a family tree already why not do the same as Helen and plant one ! There you go, out of the mouths of babies comes the way it can be done.

Cheers from the land of the Tartan and the Heather - Love, Kate xxx.