Annoying Smoke Alarm and A Present of Flowers.

Hi Folks,

Kevin Smith, an electrician from Edinburgh, recently agreed to fit a smoke alarm for his new neighbour John, who was redecorating before moving into the flat below him. A couple of days after he'd taken down the old battery powered one and installed a mains-operated device Kevin was getting ready to visit friends when he heard it beeping. As John wasn't living there yet - and had ripped out the kitchen - he couldn't have burned his dinner, though Kevin. But when the safety device was still bleeping shrilly after a few minutes he started to get concerned. Oh no! what if there really was a fire downstairs?
He was about to dash down when he realised that, judging by the sound the alarm was making, it was more likely the power supply had been cut. Perhaps John had switched the electricity off earlier. A peek through the window of the empty flat satisfied Kevin that there was no blaze set to engulf the building. While the noise was loud it was only likely to be heard from his own flat upstairs, so Kevin was dismayed to hear the alarm was beeping just as insistently. He phoned John, who said he'd be round in an hour to have a look. But 10 minutes after Kevin heard him arrive, the alarm was still going. Then his phone rang. It was John. He couldn't get it to reset. Kevin nipped downstairs to take a look. Soon he was puzzled too. For some strange reason the reset butten didn't make any difference. The alarm just refused to stop. There was just one answer disconnect it altogether. Even after Kevin cut off the power, the alarm still shrieked. Baffled, he told John it must have some strange fault. He was about to give up when he had a sudden thought. Where was the old one he'd taken down.
John thought for a second then sheepishly pointed at the floor right beside them. There was a rubbish bag lying at their feet. As Kevin peered into it he quickly realised why the reset button on John's new smoke alarm wouldn't put a stop to the commotion. It wasn't making the noise - the old one was. It was beeping because it's back up battery was running dry. Kevin whipped out the battery and the noise came to an abrupt stop - and the pair began to giggle. All that palaver for nothing! Now John only hopes his new alarm is as loud as the old one - as long as he can turn it off.

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With the credit crunch all over the headlines I was discussing the situation with my friend Stuart. He agreed that everyone was feeling the pinch, but hoped things didn't get so bad that he would have to stop buying his weekly bunch of flowers. I reminded him that people were turning their heating down, walking more because of the price of petrol and good budgets were being trimmed whenever possible. "Oh, I know" Stuart replied, "I've done all of that and more, but the very last thing to go will be the flowers I buy my wife to show how much I appreciate her!" Now I'm sure that if it 'did ' get that bad I'm sure his wife would understand - but I don't think Stuart will ever let that happen.
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If you don't get satisfaction from the work you do each day
If you simply do the job because you need the pay
Then why not change your attitude by adding a small measure
Of interest, skill and humour and make your work a pleasure.

Cheers from the land of the Tartan - Love, Kate xxx.