An Angel and Some Francis Gay's Wise Words ...

Hi Folks,

The above picture is of Bethan-May Slater who always manages a smile - despite having the rare condition GVM which makes her look like she has been beaten black and blue. The nine-year old is covered with more than 100 vivid purple lesions caused by the slightest knock. When asked if she's been in a fight Bethan-May of Cambridgeshire in England smiles "No, these are my special colours." What a brave wee girl...
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Gladys had been all around the supermarket when I met her but she hadn't bought a thing. As we walked back through the aisles together Gladys explained she had been about to start her shopping when she spotted a woman in a mobility scooter.

After an operation that had taken a year to recover from Gladys had had to use these scooters for her shopping more than once and she remembered with gratitude the strangers who took the time to get things from high shelves for her.

Now she's back to rude health Gladys takes every chance she can to return the favour and in doing so she's made many friends. "My only regret" Gladys sighed "is that I had to learn from experience, I wasn't half so keen to help until I found myself needing assistance."

We learn from walking a mile in the other person's shoes - or riding a mile on their scooter - but we don't have to wait that long. Hindsight is great, but let's try some foresight as well.
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All kinds of therapies, exercise programmes, diet and so on promise you a happier and healthier life. Healthier ? Probably, but can they make you happier ? Jack has his own ideas on the matter. His regime is simple and doesn't cost a penny. Every morning he goes for a 10 minute walk.

"And?" I asked, expecting to hear some profound secret. Old Jack didn't disappoint. "And I smile," he replied. "No matter what kind of day I'm having or how I feel. I fix a smile to my face for the length of the walk. It might be forced at first, but after 10 minutes wearing it, it generally becomes the real thing."

What a fantastic way to approach, not only the day, but everyone we meet in it. Now, I'm not given to endorsing health products or exercise programmes, but I've tried Jack's way - and I'm still smiling !

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"I didn't like to interfere" is an excuse that's often made,
when someone chooses not to hear another needing aid.
It would be much more kind to say - "Is there something I can do?"
Remember there may come a day when the one in need is you !

Cheers from the land of the Heather and the Tartan - Love, Kate xxx.