2 Feel Good Stories and The Origin of 'My Way'...

...... A look at this image and I'm transported back to musicals like High Society. He may have been no angel but he could sing like one !

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I have looked out a couple of wee stories from my Frances Gay collection which I thought folk might like to read - Enjoy !

Geoff is the first to admit he's disorganised. Usually he's running late, with half the stuff he needs. Getting to the door on the way out recently, he stopped and stared at the pouring rain. He really didn't have time to start searching for a brolly. Then he looked around and to his amazement, he saw his umbrella exactly where it should have been for once.

At the end of the street he noticed a woman he knew who was soaked through. She had a coat, but wasn't wearing it. Instead she was using it to cover her baby and young daughter. Moments later Geoff was splashing happpily through puddles - minus one umbrella, but with a sense of well-being at having helped out someone in need.
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As part of her college course Katherine's class did a week's service in the community. Their lecturer arranged for them to help out at an inner city "soup kitchen". Katherine was nervous, but was sure she could handle dishing out food and wiping tables. The Organiser had other ideas though. After they'd been introduced he gave them each a tray and said, "Right, go and have lunch."

The volunteers were spread out and ate with the centre's customers, finding out how the homeless people had come to be in that situation. It sometimes made harrowing listening, but as a result the volunteers' service for the rest of the week was carried out with enthusiasm and a deeper understanding.

As Katherine said. "While there are still barriers between the haves and the have-nots, even if it's a serving counter, we never truly understand." In moving beyond that barrier Katherine and her classmates may just have learned the most inportant lesson of their lives.

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I came across this one in the Sunday Post and it explains part of the origins of how Frank Sinatra recorded the song "My Way" .... Being a woman of a 'certain age' and 'into' all the old musicals I loved Frank Sinatra's records and this song in particular. I must admit I had never heard how it had come about that he had recorded the song, so I was quite interested to hear the story. I am well aware of all the controversy involving him - but I still loved listening to him and there was only one 'Francis Albert Sinatra'....

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The melody of the song is from a French song Comme d'habitude which translates to "As Usual", written by Claude Francois - who was a huge Pop Star in France - and Jacques Revaux. The Canadian -born singer-songwriter Paul Anka heard the song on TV while on holiday in France and acquired the rights to it, for free for his production company.

Two years later, Anka was having dinner in Florida with a disillusioned Frank Sinatra who said he was quitting the music business. Back in New York, Anka gave the melody new words, imagining how Frank would phrase reflections on his life if he was singing a farewell song.

He liked the completed version so much he called Frank, who by then was a Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, at 5 a.m. to tell him he had something really special. The song was released on Sinatra's 1969 album of the same name, My Way. It was initially a modest hit in the US making it to No.27, although it reached No.5 in the UK charts in the Spring of 1969.

The song re-entered the chart eight times during 1970 and 1971 and a ninth time, as a re-issue, in 1994. It still holds the record for most cumulative weeks (124) on the UK singles chart. My Way became the signature tune for the latter part of Sinatra's career, even though he is reported as saying he felt it was a self-serving and self-indulgent song . Gosh you learn something new every day.

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