The Tattered Stable and a Tag..

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I saw this post on Jo's site and copied it as it rang bells in my head - As far as I can see , we in this country also seem to be going the same commercialised way unfortunately and as we know the powers that be here are 'trying ' to change our 'Christmas' to 'Winter Fest' ... If that happens the real meaning of Christmas will fade out - what a thought ! As it is, folk are being lulled into believing that the correct way to integration of faith, colour and ideas rests on whether or not we just sit and agree with all we are told, any different ideas are shouted down ...

Big Brother has arrived, settled here comfortably and is running the joint and we seem to have accepted him without complaint in order to be seen to be compliant and welcoming.

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The Tattered Stable - Another Christmas Story..
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I worship carrots

Away in the manger - No crib for a bed

The exhausted Lord Jesus Laid down his tired head and pounded it on the table again and again and again.

Oh Winter Tree, Oh Winter Tree, How lovely are your barren branches

The Nativity is empty, Save for the snowplow parked underneath

The tattered gable where an Angel once stood watch Shut your eyes children, shield your ears!

The courthouse lawn is strewn with 'religiosity'. Now go and watch your MTV, a mile up the road.

Three well-dressed kings of Orient are Hitching a ride in a gas guzzling carThey’ve lost their way… misplaced their star along the coastal highwayThere is no room in the PC ring for people who worship a small infant KingBut the credit cards are flyingPulled by eight tiny non-denominational reindeer Madison Avenue is praising Jesus.

'We wish you a Merry something 'So, have yourself a Silent Night - The choirs have given up the fight The instruments nestled all snug in their bed While Jesus is nursing his tired aching head and Peace on Earth is in the Court The First Noel - a brainless tort ...

"We the people of the United States of America have lost our collective minds and somehow allowed A fringe minority of frightened, rude and ignorant loudmouths to change the rules and manipulate the game Now the bullies are running the show and we are just plain running So help me ACLU. Joy to the World Unless it can be helped. The ones who never learned to play well with others The ones who took the ball home so no one could enjoy the game. They looked out the window and smiled at the snowplow parked under the gable of the empty stable.Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men on whom his favour rests."

Jo, I've got news for you, the people of the United States of America aren't the only ones to have lost their collective minds - meet your friends in this country too......

The above post was as a result of having a quick look around the large stores and seeing the paraphernalia on show in time (they're not kidding) for ' Christmas ' or 'The Holidays' or as it's becoming more commonly known 'Winter Fest' ..... arrggghhhh !!!

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My husband and I are going to Blackpool for a week, a wee Holiday, it will also give my husband a bit of a rest and get rid of 'his' chest infection - mine is nearly gone now but he is about 10 days behind me with it. Poor soul, as he is a man he has to suffer much more during any infection than a 'woman' hehehe... he is suffering like only a 'man' has to. Typically you see, his infection is worse than anyone else's....

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This next bit is concerning a tag I was issued with by grumpyoldwoman, the questions once again are as stated below - Okeydoke, I look forward to seeing the answers after I return from the wild hinterland called Blackpool in England, the country of our ' Auld Enemy ' hehehe ...... I'm only joking honestly ! and anyway in actual fact most of the folk down in that part of the World are Scottish - us Scotties get everywhere you see..

1) Where was I - 10 years ago?

2) What's on my 'to do' list for today ?

3) What if I were a Billionaire ?

4) Places I have lived ?

5) Bad Habits ?

6) Snacks I like ?

There's only 3 folk Folk being tagged and they are :

Judy -The Other side of the Hill...

Little Old Me ? A New Way of Life.

70 Plus and Still Kicking.
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Courtesy is like the air in tyres - it costs very little - but it makes travel a log easier !
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Cheers to Everyone till we get back to the land of the Heather , Love, Kate xxx.