Kate's Poem... and a couple of wise sayings...

A Repeat showing of a Poem written a long time ago which speaks volumes about how older people are viewed ......... Please click on Poem to enlarge...

Hi Folks,

This post is by way of a reminder of a poem I had known all my life and it was actually framed and on the wall of my Mum and Dad's bedroom when I was growing up... I never did find out how or where Mum had found it, I had an idea when I was growing up that it had been written by my Nan's sister who wrote poetry - but after checking it out I discovered that it wasn't one of her poems.

I had loved it all my life although it always spoke to me of sadness and loneliness . I have always felt a kind of kindred feeling with some old folk and wondered what kind of life they had, people look at them and just see what is in front of them , they forget that these old people, though sometimes badtempered and cantankerous were once young and full of life just like everyone else.. Anyhow, back to the subject in hand, the poem - once I got the internet I checked it out and lo and behold found out that it had been an old lady 'Kate' would you believe, that had been in Ashludie Hospital, Dundee, Scotland (which is no longer there apparently).

After she died they found it in her locker, she had been unable to speak so had no way apart from writing to let people know what she was thinking or had done or indeed what she wanted.

I hope no one minds me again posting it - It was when Jo at Moodscape referred to poems and stories where the author was unknown that my favourite story came to me mind - you see 'I'm getting old myself' ' hehehe ... and these sorts of things hit home - 'cos I already can see how old folk are treated in this part of the world.

What a pity the older folk are not treated with as much respect as they are in other parts of the world......

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It's wise, now and then, to remind ourselves that man does not know it all. That brilliant mind, Albert Schweitzer, put it this way:

"As we aquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more mysterious."

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I suppose the one thing everybody in this world seeks is happiness. Here is just one recipe, given by Yves Printemps: "To be happy you should have something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for."

Cheers from the land of the tartan the heather and the haggis, Love Kate xxx.