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Hi Folks,

Well, we went to Blackpool for a week and we got home safely yesterday - remind me never to do something which I was being told by circumstances not to do for a couple of weeks before I actually did it ! We left home about 9 am on Saturday morning 13 September, we only got about a mile and a half down the road when the love of my life had to stop the car and exit the vehicle double quick, in order to have a counghing fit. He then proceeded to be physically sick, at the side of the road. Thus followed the two of us having a deep discussion/argument, about the rights, wrongs and stupidity of trailing down 200 miles to Blackpool ... well I lost that one ! LOML (Rob) was determined to go to the deep darkest South as the apartment had been paid for and there was no way he was going to cancel now !

Did I ever tell you about how LOML was a determined so and so and an old git who hates to 'not' get his own way ? So eventually after he had recovered and the mess had been cleared up by spraying the ground with disinfectant mixture we then restarted on our journey. Rob did after a wee while feel a bit better and was determined to bend my ear on the journey telling me how it was just excitement etc which caused a tummy upset - nothing at all to do with the fact that if we had cancelled we would have lost what we had paid to the apartment owners...... The voice inside my head continued to speak louder - saying things like - 'This is a BIG mistake ' and 'You'll be sorry ' ! Most of the week was spent inside the apartment, Rob sitting about moping and moaning about feeling awful etc..

Never again will I listen to Rob trying to be selfless rather than just listening to my 'little voice speaking sense ' about turning back and cutting our losses, we spent the week - the dear love of my life moaning at his every movement (but not wanting to go to the NHS (Emergency Doctor) to get checked out... and thus being given some sort of pill or potion to help him, ARGHHH ! I realize I am probably coming across in this missive as being a bit of a heartless moan myself, but my brain reasons that if there is something wrong with you medically you go to see a Doctor who has been trained in Medicine and will be able to treat you for your illness/sickness and if not he can at least give some hints as to how to improve the situation.... Apart from the foregoing the fact that I had gone through exactly the same performance healthwise as dear Rob approximately 10 days previously . I was beginning to think I had hit my head off the wall enough so I was ready for climbing the said wall anytime !

You will gather that the week was a rather fraught 'happy' holiday. Never mind, I did manage to escape the sick-room to visit a couple of markets and bought a few pressies to go into our Grandchildren's Christmas bags, along with a couple of nice smelly things to add to my daughters-in-law gifts.

Changing the subject slightly - I was having a check over my Friendship Book tonight and came across an article about Grandmothers which caused me to add it to this post -

"Have you ever noticed how Grandmothers come in all shapes and sizes, especially nowadays when many are so young looking ? When I think back to my own Grandmother and also my Great-Aunts they appeared to be rather elderly, and sometimes even a little aloof. The one thing all these ladies had in common and still have. I'm pleased to say - is a great capacity for love. As one of my Sisters once said, they are rather like those delicious melt-in-the-mouth, chocolate-coated marshmallows which we've all enjoyed - beautifully soft on the inside !

Blimey that creates a lovely picture doesn't it ? God bless all Grandmothers and Great-Aunts, whatever their size and shape and wherever they may be."

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DNA Imagine...
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Very Interesting . This is really neat...try it ! When you click on the link, a series of about 15 pictures will come up. Click on a photo in the category that appeals to you. Again, 15 different pictures will come up, click the one for you and move on. Just continue to keep picking. At the end it will give you a profile of yourself.... It's called a visual DNA.... Your choices dictate your profile.Http://DNA.imagini.net/friends

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It's good to get away from noise,
From chaos and from din
To seek in solitude and peace,
The beauty that's within.
To go into a quiet wood,
And breathe its loveliness
To contemplate in silence,
Those things which calm and bless

The mysteries of the universe,
The wisdom of the sage,
Take some old and lovely thought,
From a bygone age,
And meditate upon the good,
The honest and the true,
This calms the mind and you will find
A blessing comes to you.

By Kathleen Gillum.

Cheers from the land of the Heather and the Tartan - Love, Kate xxx.