A feel good tale and one not so good !

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OOOOHHHH Yeahhhh - that's soooo gooood !

Hi Folks,

A feel good story -

Jack didn't mind the rain. He had a long coat on and a warm house to go back to. But the homeless man huddled in a doorway was soaked through and shivering. Jack couldn't just walk on by, so he took the man, Bill, to the nearest charity shop and bought his some dry clothes. Then they stopped for some hot food.

You would expect anyone living on the streets in such atrocious weather to have a litany of woes, but all Bill, an ex-soldier, wanted to talk about were the people who had gone out of their way to make his hard times a little easier.

Before the two men went their separate ways they shook hands and Bill said, "It's wonderful where help comes from."

Heading home Jack couldn't help but remember, those words and that attitude. In helping Bill he'd been helped to see those who helped him throughout his life in a new light. "Bill was right." Jack told me. "It is wonderful where help comes from."

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and unfortunately -

I couldn't help but giggle at an article in last night's paper about a red-faced German lorry driver who had driven two large panes of high-value glass all the way from his homeland to the UK - then somehow misjudged the height of a bridge and smashed them.

Whitehouse Road in Swindon, just yards from the intended delivery address, had to be shut while shards from the two 2.3m by 2.6m panes, worth a total of £3,174, were swept up. "The lorry driver was very unhappy," said a Police Officer - yeah, I bet he was - OHHH dear...

Cheers from the land of the Heather and the Tartan, Love Kate xxx.