Email Joke, Life Saving Apparatus and Time is passing !

Hi Folks,

From someone online ....
A friend of hers died who had a great sense of humour and always used to say that when she died she wanted a parking meter on her grave that says 'Expired'. So her nephew got her one on eBay!
Her grave is right by the road, so everyone can see it and many people have stopped to get a chuckle.

"Give us a sense of humour Lord and give us the grace to see a joke, to get some humour out of life, and pass it on to other folk."

The irony of life is that by the time you're old enough to know your way around, you're not going anywhere.
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This is one I found in my Francis Gay Friendship book - When Henry Trengrouse was a young man in Helston, Cornwall, he witnessed a terrible disaster in which a ship was wrecked in a storm with the loss of about 100 lives. Afterwards, he couldn't get out of his mind how he and others had watched helplessly as the vessel sank offshore. If only, he thought, it had been possible to bridge that terrible gap.

Some time later he was watching a fireworks display. As the rockets shot into the air, he suddenly realised they were the answer. Henry began a long series of experiments which resulted in his "Rocket Life Saving Apparatus", demonstrated in 1816. He showed how a rocket fired from a musket could shoot a light line on to a distressed ship. Once the line was secured on deck, a heavier rope could be hauled aboard and those in danger brought ashore.

It was to be a long time before the rocket came into regular use, and Henry himself received little credit or reward, but how proud he would have been to know that his invention has been responsible for saving countless lives.

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The clock is always ticking,
The hands are moving slow,
And yet it is surprising
How fast the hours go.
And when the hours turn to days
The weeks are passing by,
It seems that time has sprouted wings,
As the years begin to fly.
Each precious moment of our lives
Is changed from "now" to "then",
Offered to us only once -
And never comes again.
This wee ditty was written by - Ann Rutherford and the funny thing is the older I become the more sense it makes ......

Cheers from the land of the Tartan, Heather and the Haggis. Love Kate xxx.