Bosch or Bruegel

I'm working my way through Platonic dialogues, a variety of papers on morality and meta-ethics, and Krleza's The Return of Philip Latinowicz.

This idea, doubtless a diabolical and unhealthy conception, was that in life phenomena have in fact no internal logical or rational connection! That life's manifestations unfold and develop one beside the other, simultaneously: with the sort of infernal simultaneity of the visions of Hieronymous Bosch, or Bruegel: one within another, one beside another, one above another, in utter confusion, in delirium, in ceaseless unrest, which have been from the very beginning.

I don't have much to say -- I've been busy with a too-short visit with my parents and navigating a quagmire of student assignments. I'll hopefully start piecing my readings together -- the inter-weaving of texts has been pulling at me, but just off-sight -- half-glimpses of constellations when I keep finding myself lost in the darkness between lights.