YouTube - Irena Sendler -VS- Al Gore

Hi Folks,

I found this wee video yesterday by accident and was amazed when I watched - it is a story of amazing courage and unfortunately too is a story of what can happen when a person like Irena Sendler is pitted against a 'personality called Al Gore '. Isn't it always the case, the presenter of the video is quite satisfied that Irena would have had the grace to not be upset about it... but it just does seem so unfair - mind you, who said life was fair ?

YouTube - Irena Sendler -VS- Al Gore

A Lovely Story of a Lovely Flower.
Changing the tempo slightly I am retelling the story of a legend that says that the first chrysanthemum was created by a Chinese bride-to-be, who had been told that her marriage would last for as many years as the petals on the flower on her wedding dress.

She found a flower with 17 petals and carefully divided each petal into two, then four. It is said that her marriage apparently lasted 68 wonderful years.


This last entry I found while having a looksee in my Francis Gay Friendship book , it appealed to me and I have the feeling that it would appeal to others .

I admire the story of Sarah Breedlove whose parents were slaves in America in the 19th century. She was orphaned at six, married at 14 and widowed at 20. For many years she worked as a washerwoman, struggling to support herself and her little daughter.

Then she had a idea ! It was a recipe for a hair treatment. She worked away in her wash tub with soaps and ointments until at last she found a formula which would result in beautiful soft, shine hair. She moved to Colorado where she marketed her "Brilliantine" as she'd called it. Sales flourished, and Madame Walker, as she was then known after marrying again, became well respected.

Everyone knew of her Brilliantine, but she was best known for her contributions to the community. She worked hard and gave generously to help the underpriviliged - and spent time encouraging others to follow her example. A great deal of her fortune later went towards carrying on her good works.

Now that makes a change - me talking about something which happened in history, especially American history eh Judy ? She also sounds one of these 'special women'...

Cheers for now from the land of the tartan where the thunder and lightning is about to start and me being a real scaredycat is heading for hiding away. Love, Kate xxx.
P.S. The picture was taken when we stopped en route to Newark at Appleby (Northumberland) We sat at a picnic spot there and these ' darned ' birds were really cheeky and begging for crumbs the whole time we were there.