Sky Mail - who would be a sailor

Hi everyone,

Well, I was going to start this post showing pictures I had received in an email this morning which showed horrendous scenes of ferries getting tossed and turned by heavy high seas, unfortunately, being a bit of a P.C. twit I couldn't figure out how to transfer the slideshow showing these pictures on to my blog, so I have ended up going back to my usual well-worn subject of family rememberings.

How would 'you' like to be a sailor, I 'm assuming that belleek definitely would not - going on her comments about boats and ferries etc - I would heartily agree with her on that subject too - I am not especially fond of wild seas even travelling on large ferries . In fact it is my idea of a horrible nightmare, I can be sea-sick while standing on the shore just watching the waves coming in to the shore. The funny thing is that I'm OK whilst sitting watching the waves - weird!

I can remember during the time we spent a year in Clonmel , Co Tipperary - every three or so months we would make our way home for a few days in order to check our house, cut the grass etc . and just generally keep things in order. My then husband, our 3 yr old son and myself were using the ferry from Rosslare in Eire to Fishguard in Wales . It was the November visit and we went on-board without problem and tried to find a place to rest our wearies as it was about ten o'clock at night and I was hoping that Graeme (my son) would settle and have a sleep - no chance, he was far too excited for that.

I was kind of puzzled by the small empty packages lying on the tables of the seating lounges and wondered what on earth they were for ? I soon found out when we drew away from the harbour and the ferry met the currents there. It was tossed about like a tiny raft in a huge pond and it was was for me a horrible nightmare, Graeme of course loved it and was running about daft, a typical wee boy in his element - standing a few feet away and shouting wheee - hee ! every time the ferry lurched. He of course thought it was a great game and was like a huge ride at the fairground.

The previous ferry had taken 12 hours (a normal trip would take about 4 hours) we were told that ours would probably be as late too - I can't tell you what that journey was like, I tried to keep my stomach in place but unfortunately no matter how hard I tried I couldn't succeed.

The pictures shown above are of Graeme and I on one of many ferry trips - this time going over to Dunoon - a couple of them show me hanging on tightly to Graeme's trousers so that he couldn't jump down to the lower deck of the ferry ! no kidding ! if he could have managed it he would've attempted it, the final piccie is of the 'wild one' offering me a daisy - ain't he sweet ?

Graeme has never lost his love of the sea and was never happier than when he was onboard any type of sailing craft, from the tiniest raft to the 20 footer we owned at the caravan site, to much larger 40 footers owned by people he knew, it didn't matter to him, he would spend time helping boat owners clean the whatsits off the thingamigigs etc, while the boats were moored at the Marina so that he could then crew for them at some later time .

Well I think that's enough of my rememberings for today.

Cheers Kate xxx.