Oh Really ?

Hi Folks,

Well, I have heard some stay-young health tips in my time, but what about this one ? "Want to stay younger looking? Then join a choir. People who sing find exercising their facial muscles, prevents wrinkles."

Now, maybe we're not unduly worried about wrinkles but it did make me think and asses the value of singing in general. To start with, you cannot remain angry with someone while singing; it can stop you feeling lonely, and many of us do get lonely at times; it can raise the spirits on a rainy day, so sing along with the radio! The words don't matter, but the important thing is just to join in and sing, and you'll be surprised at the change in many a dreary day.

Blimey, if I'd heard that before I could have saved all the spondulux I have spent on flippen anti-wrinkle serums... (shhh don't tell Rob) !

Oh, but wait a minute folks, don't think I fancy raising any 'spirits' well, it could be dangerous, I wonder though? Oh what the hay.... "I'm in the mood for dancing, romancing tra la la la la la la laaah " .....

It's a richt dreich day here in the land of the tartan but I'm gonna sing out - I don't care !
Lots of Love , Kate xxx.

P.S. I realize that the song mentioned in the para above was an ancient one sung by 'The Nolans' ( I can hear you saying who) ? It was a loooong time ago but there again I am ancient what can I say - but now I'm gonna have beautiful chiselled cheekbones so I don't care.