It's Never Too Late...

Picture taken at 'just' the right minute - can you imagine being that girl and letting a gull do that? flippen nora ... these birds are attacking folk while they are shopping and stealing bags of crisps from shopkeepers.....

Can't you just hear the guy shout " Yeehahhhh " ......

These were apparently real humming birds being hand fed .....

I can't make up my mind whether or not this man is playing at skipping stones or fishing or what ?

Hi Folks,

Occasionally I hear people grumbling that it is "too late," for them to change their ways, or to try something new. However, I came across this short poem listing some things for which it is never too late:

It's never too late to smile at a stranger,
It's never too late for encouraging words,
It's never too late to pause and to savour,
The perfume of petals, the song of the birds.
It's never too late to say that you're sorry,
To offer your friendship, or bury your hate,
To send up a prayer, or simply say "thank you",
It just takes a second - It's never too late !
If you want to do a thing , then do it right away.
Start it - don't procrastinate, proceed with it today,
Just say the kindly words you feel and do the timely deed,
Tomorrow may be too late, to meet somebody's need.
Make an effort of the will, to make a brand-new start,
Mend all quarrels - cast aside , the fears that haunt the heart.
Resolve to make life work for you , don't question when or how,
Just put the wheels in motion - The time to start is now...

I just love these wee poems and sayings...

Cheers from Scotland - Love, Kate xxx.