Have we gone off our Rockers ?

...............Future Olympic Sandwich Tossers - Not ruddy likely !
Hi Folks,

Well I knew it wouldn't be too long before I saw something in the newspapers to get my 'new found heart' jumping - whether it's a good kind of jumping though is debatable.... I got to page three in one of the tabloids (well that's a good place to start if you are looking for an article to get you going in the morning) - No ! not that kind of 'get you going' - something to really make your brain work and your blood pressure racing, not that I 'need' that but we can all do with a bit of ranting about 'what's in the papers, right'?

OK Kate, get on and stop faffing about - The article I'm on about is concerning a small nine year old boy who is giving Gordon Ramsay a roasting - 'allegedly'.
The paper said - The youngster has internet food fans rocking with laughter as he sends up the the celeb's four-letter lifestyle. Little Gordon looks walks and even talks like the F word star in an online advert which shows a 9 year old schoolboy lambasting his mum for her shoddy sandwiches.

The fiery kid gives a searing opinion of her sandwich-making skills, throwing his butty across the room and shouting obscenities until he eventually orders her to complete it to his exacting standards. The film clip only went live on the web last week but it has already had more than 36,000 hits on YouTube.

"We are getting an amazing amount of positive comments from those who have viewed it". said **Ian Burke, who helped set up the clip for the hospitality group Caterer.com to recruit wannabe chefs. Gordon Ramsay, had better beware - they plan to screen other clips in restaurent and canteen settings to show off more of feisty Little Gordon.

I ruddy well know what I would do with 'Little Gordon' ....... %^&&*%£*(%$£ ! that will nearly do it ! There again I am a 63 year old woman who has lived a life, brought up and worried about 2 sons, kept the wolf from the door - put up with the problems that living through these years have brought , sat at night and thanked God for giving me enough patience to last through the bad times and to keep going without the benefit (well he did pay child support) ahem... of a man through most of that time... Oh my Lord I am turning into my Mum..... but hell's bells, we seem to have arrived at Hell in a handbasket if we really think it is funny for a 9 year old wee tw*t can rant and rave at their Mum about her star-rated abilities in sandwich making ?

Isn't it bad enough that we can't have the ultimate threat of a smack and the schools don't have the benefit of punishment (apart from banning the offending child, thus suiting this god-like angel down to the ground) .. We have now got to the stage of thinking it is sooo funny to see a child flinging his sannie made by his Mum thrown to the other side of the room... are we MAD ? as far as I can see 'some of us are'.

It is true - "the lunatics have indeed taken over the asylum" God help the future inhabitants of this land... Well that's my blood pressure up for the day!

Cheers from Scotland the land of the tartan, Kate xxx.

P.S. The land where wee 9 year old boys have to eat their Mum's home-made sannies - shame!

P.P.S. As for **Ian Burke, I wish him and his partner a lovely time with their future 9 yrs old who is a future Olympic sandwich 'tosser' in one of the future 'Games'..... hehe (and 'all' that goes with it ).