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This is the view from our bedroom verandah on our house on the Island of Hundvag, near Stavanger in Norway - whether it was sunny, dull, raining or snowing - it was always beautiful ...
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This is a follow up to a wee film that Belleek had on her blog a few months ago - which I thought was brilliant! It was done in the form of an April Fool joke by the BBC boffins - was great, loved it ... I checked around and I then found a video showing how the BBC had done it - I thought you would like to see it.... The only thing is it kinda ruins the thought that these lovely creatures could actually fly - it was a great thought that they could go and wallow in the hot weather rather than have to huddle together in that awful cold...

Penguins - BBC1 min 30

YouTube - Penguins April Fool - The Making Of ...2 min 56

I read this recently and thought - what a great idea, it's a pity more folk aren't able to have the benefit of being able to do this. Our surroundings are constantly changing and new buildings are springing up everwhere - when I read this I could picture the scene .

Miss Brown still lives in exactly the same flat where she was born, over her parents' greengrocer's shop. When she was a child she loved to look from an upstairs window to the house on the opporite side of the road, with its huge garden and rhododendron-lined driveway, where a well-to-do solicitor lived. As she go older, she began to help in the shop and one of her jobs was to deliver orders to the house acriss the road. So began a friendship between the elderly gentleman and the young messenger. In one conversation, Miss Brown confided that it gave her great pleasure to be able to see that garden from her window.

One day the solicitor said, "You need never fear you will lose your lovely view, my dear. My land will never be built on. When I am gone I have arranged that it will be given to the people of this town as a place of recreation, forever." Miss Brown can still enjoy her view today and look across to the river beyond - and all because of the vision and kindness of one man....


"Will it happen?" he asks, "Like a flash in the pan, young one day, the next an old man." "Definitely not," I say in the know, "It comes so slowly, You don't see it grow."


Helen Keller, a brave and remarkable lady, once wrote that when one door to happiness closed, another opens, but often we stand looking so long at the closed door we don't notice the one what has opened.

Cheers from the land of the Tartan - Love, Kate xxx.