Blogging Award...

Hi Folks,

You have no idea how hard it is to choose just five bloggers to pass on this award to and therefore keep it going, it was really sooo difficult. The thing is there are so many blogs I really enjoy reading and I feel like so many of them deserve the award. This award was given to me by Judy - Living on the other side of the hill ( in Kentucky ) and I would like to thank her again for it and would ask you to have a look-see at her blog and enjoy her music at the same time.

The first award goes to Grumpyoldwoman who is a meno friend who actually was the person who suggested that I start blogging ! so she has a lot to answer for. She is also a 'loon' and although she has a very responsible job she manages to juggle her family's needs with her work and her blogging . She also has an amazing and fun way of looking at things and always approaches life with PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).

The second award goes to Jo - Moodscape. Like Jo I'm a Blogaholic too, anyone calling to visit her is always sure of a smile and a welcome along with great music and a lovely manner which encourages folk to visit and come back again. She also does a lot of craft work and I haven't a scoobie how she manages to keep everything going at the same time. She is a bundle of fun and has a great turn of phrase to keep you going.

The third goes to gemmak - whatever she decides to write about it's always interesting and always makes me think (for me, that is no easy task) . She comes across as being the kind of friend everyone should have as she puts herself out to help anyone, yet still finds time for other folk too.

The Fourth award is for someone called belleek 'small case please'. See belle, I remembered! Well, what can I say about her, I think she must have been one of the first bloggers who I thought of as being a friend, she has like me a self deprecating humour which kind of drew me to her. She and her husband are into 'Classic Cars' - In a previous life I too was involved in somewhat the same (only in our case it was MGB GTs ) argghhh... Oh the memories that brings back, like one in the garage, two in the garden and another just sitting there waiting for parts - yeah right....

The fifth and last one is a relatively new blog to me, it appealed to me as in a bygone age (it was actually 34 years ago 'cos my son was 3 at the time - OMG and it only seems like 10 years). I was a Scotswoman in Ireland and I had a whale of a time . She goes by the name of - English Mum in Ireland (EM) she has a weird and wonderful way about her, and has a vast following on the Emerald Isle - I think it has something to do with the fact that she is as nutty as they are.... she also has a gorgeous big greyhound called (would you believe Bert and as you know I am daft on dogs). She has picked up the Irish blarney "wit no trouble tall atall " and if you visit you can be sure of a laugh and a warm welcome.
I'm only sorry I wasn't able to add more blogging sites like Little Old Me/A new way of Life, and also Judy Patooote, these two blogs are both really good and are great favourites of mine too, so I hope you will have a look-see at these ones as well.

Like Judy, I would ask that the mentioned bloggers post this award on their sidebars and choose another five blogs to keep it going - I would also just say thanks to everyone, I really appreciate your comments and visits.

Cheers to All,

Love 'n Stuff, Kate xxx.