A Big Surprise...

Hi Folks,

Well I got a great surprise when I keyed in today to my blog another award has come winging its way towards me, it's more of a surprise 'cos I didn't know the presenter of the award very well, however she is the kind of person whom I would normally gravitate towards. So Thank you so much Nancy for the award.

I was given the award by Nancy at 'Life is Good' who is into Art/Painting/Travelling same as me... she also seems to be married to a male who likes to have his wife's attention a lot of the time.... ahem and we all know about that ( I have a feeling that it's a 'man' thing) . Flippen Nora, I have yet to see a News programme on TV (or even on radio) in quiet peace, without his translation of the facts of any case that is going on (or any subject even). I do quite like to see the History Channel and Discovery Channel programmes without the benefit of a commentator at my side thank you, or be trying to keep up with the latest in Coronation Street and Eastenders (yeah I know - T.V. soaps, I'm a sad case - I should get a life ) without someone at my side, digging me in the ribs .

The foregoing being said I wouldn't want to be without him - he's a diamond ! (hard, expensive and unforgiving - but bright and beautiful at the same time).

OK , this left me in a kind of a quandary as to whom to pass on my five awards to, I am just going to list them in no particular order....
Judy Patooote , Little Old Me - A New Way of Life , Peace of My Mind - Leesa,
Lisa's Place and last but not least, Retirement Rocks. Should anyone wish to have a looksee at any of these blogs, just click on the side-bar entries - they are all great blogs which I enjoy reading.

Once again I would, in the style of all the Miss World/Universe etc contestants like to thank my Mum and Dad, my teachers, my workmates (oops sorry, retired - just call me a twit!) and everybody who knows me.

Love 'n Stuff, Kate xxx.