Swaddling Clothes Invented...

Hi there,

Yeah, it's true it was in the newspaper, someone has 'invented' swaddling clothes hehe, the fact that they were referred to in the Bible is immaterial apparently, crazy ? Well I certainly think so.... A Mrs Nilsson from 'who knows where' has invented a 'swaddling wrap' Wow! I wonder what my Mum Nan and her Grandmother would have said to that one.

They are made of Merino wool and cost - wait for it - £25 and being a bit of a business-woman Mrs. Nilsson has sent two to Angelina Jolie would you believe (free of course). Invented ? who the blazes was she kidding? the only thing she has invented is making them of merino wool and changing 25 quid each. Mind you, atm I can't remember where the merino sheep or is it a goat (oops no that's Angora ) or whatever, come from - but you can bet your boots that the women living there who get the wool from whatever animal it comes from will certainly use it to make - guess what ? yeah shawls (or swaddling wraps) for their babies.

Swaddling wraps/shawls have been used to swaddle or even wrap everyone's babies since they had babies and they wanted the babies to feel secure and comfortable and 'go to sleep'. All babies feel (as long as they have been fed and changed) secure in some kind of wrapup. I know shawls have sort of gone out of fashion but there are plenty of other types of very soft blankets that can be used for the same purpose, you know what I mean, the cotton ones. Blimey it's as standard as having a dummy teat in the background (just in case)...
You know what really got me going was that in the paper they showed how to fold it and how to lay the baby on it before you wrapped them up in it - Honest to God !

It doesn't matter a toss whether or not they cost little or much Mrs Nilsson, so provided girls who are having babies have parents and grandparents or even outlaws or friends to give them a bit of good advice about getting babies to sleep (and what new Mum doesn't ) I doubt if she will become a millionairess soon. Good try though ! I wonder why her Mum didn't tell her though ?

Well, that's my rant over for the day folks, I am off to Dumfries for a barbie at my Nephew's house tomorrow and looking expectantly at the weather forecast, here's hoping the sun will shine, if it doesn't then we can all hide in the Marquee or inside their house.

Hope you all have a good weekend, Cheers Kate xxx.

P.S. The photo is of the latest family addition - Harris, isn't he gorgeous, awwww... He's a big braw Scottish boy Birth Weight was 9 lbs. 2 ozs. Oooooerr....
P.P.S. I Googled it - Apparently Merino are sheep originally reared in Spain, so there ya go , I learn something new every day hehehe... isn't the internet wonderful. Bye K.