Sugarolly Water and Glasgow.

Hi Folks,

Well I had the idea for this morning's blog after a discussion I had with my other half the other day, he was telling me about 'Sugarolly Water' - this is something I had heard of in the dim distant past but had not really understood what it was. So Rob was only too pleased to explain to me what this strange confection consisted of.

As I understand it, it is a mixture of liquorice sticks (old style ones) which were put into a glass lemonade bottle (known as ginger bottles in Glasgow) which had been filled with water - this was then shaken vigorously and then put aside for some time. Now we are talking a week or so, every few days it was checked to see how the mixture was doing ie. how dark and strong the water was getting and therefore how more delicious the concoction was becoming . Sometimes it was too much of a temptation to leave it alone and therefore little hands would unscrew the bottle and have a quick taste of this ambrosia.... Unfortunately when it had been tasted, more water had to be added to the bottle and therefore it became more diluted, so more shaking had to be employed and more time had to pass until the child or children could really enjoy the contents of this black confection.... My husband is over 70 by the way, so it was something that the children of his era did, it was not a thing that my Mum would have let us get involved in, Blimey - she would have had a fit it we have tried anything like that.

Now hearing this explanation of what was, according to Rob, a really 'fantastic' taste I was just about holding onto my revolving stomach. I couldn't help but think of all the bacteria and germ laden liquid being swallowed - especially after up to two weeks, can't see how this could possibly taste very nice or do their insides any good. I am told by a few other folk though that it did taste 'great', must admit that the majority of the children seemed to thrive and have lived to tell the tale.

Talking of telling the tales I found a great site this morning all about my city - Glasgow. It is facinating to read stories about the history of where you were brought up and I must admit to having indulged my interest in all things past for the last hour and a half or so. It is amazing that not that long ago Glasgow (in Gaelic - it means Dear Green Place) is quite an old and historical city which had a lot of wee villages which have now been incorporated into the city. I knew about some of the book history, but the site I found tells the peoples story, 'Our Glasgow Story' is much more interesting .

Hope I haven't spoiled yer breakfast or aught, Cheers, Kate xxx.

P.S. I know this post looks a bit like a history lesson, but like a lot of large cities it had a bit of a reputation of being (in the past 'A mean City') but having grown up here I am aware of the heart of the city and of it's people too.