Nana, Tears and George Bush...

Hello Folks,

This is Wednesday and therefore is the day that I look after my youngest grandson Louis, who it must be said is a bit of a character - I have been attempting to tidy up the house of all the things that I should be clearing out . I had cleared the Bedroom wardrobes of all unnecessary clothes that my husband and I had long since worn , then came across a box at the bottom of the main one which held a pile of old photographs some of which I had had other copies of previously but I had been meaning to sort through a while ago.

As Louis is such a little magpie he was 'right in there' having a decco at anything he could get his hands on. One of the pictures, which I have copied above, drew his attention and he was asking who it was, he went through all the folk in the family and couldn't guess who it could be, I finally told him it was me when I was little . He just couldn't get it at all, he kept refusing to believe it, as far as he was concerned, the picture showed a wee girl, not his Nana...

Since clearing out and bagging some things for the Charity Shops, I had been reading a few articles from 'The Francis Gay Friendship Book' after lunch and came across a gem of a story which I thought I would share with you. It is typically soppy as befits my taste and of course has a bit of a soppy but nice ending.

***How the old ideas about behaviour still tend to be kept in mind - for example, boys are often expected to be brave and not to cry. Perhaps we feel embarrassed if a man cries. Why ? In the same way, we often say how brave a person is when they hold back tears at a time of great sorrow.

But crying is a form of release given to us for times of grief and great strees, and it is an emotion which can help others. I am reminded of a lovely story I once heard.

A little girl came home after playing with a friend. "Mummy," she said, "Debbie is vvery unhappy because her kitten has died. But I helped her when she cried."

"That's good," said her mother. "Did you tell her not to cry any more?"

"Oh, no," came the reply, "I cried with her." *** AWWWW That is soooo cute...

Another wee story concerning the first 'President George Bush,' he was apparently entertaining members of the press corps and their families, when he found the young daughter of a television director crying bitterly beside the swimming pool.

She told him a "tragedy" had happened; she had lost a tooth - somewhere in the pool. As a parent Bush realised there was nothing to put under the pillow for the "Tooth Fairy". At once a Presidential Card was produced.

He put a big cross on the card with a sketched map and wrote:
"Dear Tooth Fairy", Katie's tooth came out where the X is - it really did, I promise.
George Bush."
Katie had a certificate to put under her pillow, and not only was a little girl made happy but she had a lovely memory of one of her country's Presidents...

Love 'n Stuff, Kate xxx.
P.S. Gosh ! Who'd have thunk it of George Bush...