Long tailed animals...

Hi again folks,

Due to the fact that I was told about the problems a friend was having with little long tailed animals in her house I am retelling the tale I told many months ago about how we got rid of our field mice problem which we had had for every year for 5 years. Without the need of poison, traps or any other inhumane and painful practices..
Reasons being -

1) It might interest other folk who are having the same problems.

2) It gives me an excuse to revel in the memory as it always makes
me laugh even to recall the experience.

3) There was a follow-up to the story in that I did write to Buck House
retelling the way we had 'got rid' because the papers at that time were
telling the public how Buck House was 'hoaching' (Scottish word for
jumping with the wee long tailed animals. I did make out in my blog post
that I was joking about having contacted Her Maj but the honest truth was
that I ' had' written to Her Maj - I just didn't want to appear to be a nutter
or for that matter, cast any aspersions on Her Maj ... The thing is that I did get
a reply from Her Maj's Lady in Waiting - saying the reports in the newspapers
had been exaggerated - however due to all the moves we have made since
then the letter has disappeared, either that or it is at the bottom of a box in
the attic.

Once again, I would re-iterate that the facts (as related ) are completely true - no further evidence of mice rats or any vermine were seen or heard since the remedy was used. I am well aware that anyone reading this epistle will no doubt think - aye, right do do do do (Jaws theme)... or Fairies at the bottom of the garden time.... but I would advise anyone to have a go, and to be honest, if you had a mouse or rat problem - you probably would not hesitate or even think twice, like my Mum you would just 'do it'!

Cheers Kate xxx.