A Gift and Barbecue

Quite a true comment about getting older - My much loved wrinkly Nana and me.
Hi Again Folks,

As it sit here tapping at my PC I can also look out at the beautiful day it is here in the land of the tartan, heather and wild haggis. It really is a gorgeous day out there so when Rob and I have had our breakfast /lunch we will probably go out to one of the sea-side places on the coast - maybe even have a paddle - now that would be a sight to behold, two ancient folk paddling in the freezing Scottish waters - erm.... that would be a step too far methinks.

It's a pity it wasn't as lovely a day on Saturday for the barbie, Oh don't get me wrong, the weather wasn't too bad, we just had to huddle under the marquee a couple of times when it rained. Apart from that it was a successful family visit to the wilds of Locherbie, ( unfortunately the scene of the Pan Am aircraft crash in 1988 ). My sister and her family moved to Dumfries a number of years ago and her son and girlfriend have now set up home in Locherbie which is a lovely area of the world. It is lovely to see the ever extending family getting on and probably extending it even further hehe.. (not yet though) . The only hair in the ointment on Saturday was when I was enjoying the company and food my other Glasgow sister had the nerve to say - blimey you don't half have lots more lines in your face - argghhh ! and I've been using that latest serum, everybody is raving about, well the advertisers are anyway humppphh... flippen nora, I know I'm five years older than her - but she doesn't need to rub it in, does she ? I take after my Nan who had a really wrinkly face, she was asked a few times about whether or not she could try and iron the wrinkles out (by a certain grand-daughter- erm...) what the hay though - I've earned every wrinkly hehe..

I am posting the above billet-doux as it was sent to me in an email recently and it seemed to speak volumes about - what else 'age ' and let's face it folks, we all are doing that! Mind you, it's not as bad as the alternative is it ?

Cheers for now - Love, Kate xxx.