A dog called Marley...

Hello Folks,

For the last few days I have been reading a book called 'Marley & Me' written by John Grogan an American author, he relates his and his family's life with a completely mad, loopy, doolally and psycho yellow Labrador/Retriever dog. The story starts from before he and his wife got Marley (who was named after Bob Marley) and goes on to the end of the Marley's life..... Oh my Lord, I was sobbing for the last six pages. The book has for over thirteen weeks been at the top of the New York Best Seller List. The story of the author's family's life with this lovable Labrador who brought chaos has been having me in tears of laughter and sorrow all the way through.

I am a total sucker for an animal story, especially one about such an adorable and big-hearted dog like Marley, I have been an animal lover who has had dogs all my life and stories like this wrap round my heart and bring back loads of happy memories. I'm sure I have written about my last dog 'Trixie' (who thought she was human) before in this blog, but anyhow I'll elaborate a bit more about her - after we got her from an animal home in Hamilton , my sons wanted us to get another dog - a bigger one, they thought walking a wee dog (she was a cross Westie come Cairn terrier- I think) would ruin their 'street cred', so we got a German Shepherd 'Jassie' -Trixie of course still ruled the roost of the two dogs though, she was definitely 'the boss'.... Unfortunately Jassie died when she was 10 - My sons of course, had long since lost any enthusiasm for taking her for walks, street cred ot not.

Trixie lasted till she was 18 and kept me company, she went everywhere with me . Because she was an old dog she used to come into our bedroom at night-time to where she slept on the floor at my side of the bed. She would circle round and round until she felt she could settle, (she was a bit arthritic you see ) it took her a wee while until she could get comfortable. She also used to 'see things' ie. she would go to one of the walls in the living room and stand 'stock still' staring up at the higher part of the wall and 'bark like billy - o'... still staring at whatever she thought she could see.... weird! (kind of like her mistress in fact) hehe... Because, months after she died I used to sense her presence at night, coming over to my side of my bed on the floor and it was as though she was circling and eventually, settling on the floor - as usual. I was terrified to put my hand down on the floor in case I would feel her there. This happened several times which was a bit unsettling I can tell you.

If you get the chance to read Marley & Me and you're a dog - lover, I would recommend it - but please make sure you have a pack of tissues handy at your side.

Cheers, Kate xxx.