Doctors Waiting Times, Moans and cute pictures.

Hi Folks,

It's me again, moaning as usual, well I shouldn't really say that because it is not my fault but I am , well I was, spitting feathers yesterday when I visited the surgery of my Doctors.

Is there anyone else who has , after attending the surgery (on time) to see the doctor or nurse got to sit and wait for anything between 20 minutes and 1 hour and 20 minutes (which was a record - not a good one, but a record nevertheless). What really got me mad was when I reported to the receptionist to let her know that I was attending for my appointment I saw a few little cartoon notices about the place. These little 'billet dous' advised the patients that if they should appear for their appointments late they should not be surprised to be asked to re-book another appointment. When I saw these I was a bit taken aback, as you can imagine - considering the background to my previous visits.

I approached the receptionist and was, I admit a bit miffed, I did ask her if someone was taking the pi** - I am friendly with this lady and have known her for some time and after I clarified what I was a bit miffed about she said she understood. The appointments system has always been haphazard to say the least. I did tell her that I realized that neither the receptionists nor the doctors were to blame and that the blame lay fully in the lap of the Practice Manager who was a bit of a pupil of the last Practice Manager.

After getting a Complaint Form from R and seeing the Doctor I left having had my 'rant' for the day. So I have just written a stoater of a complaint letter which will be deposited ASAP at the group surgery. Why is it that folk like the 'Manager' get away with it, it's always the poor so-and-so who plays it by the rules that has to pay for the actions and systems laid down - seemingly in stone by 'Numpties' like that.

What gets me is that not many people will say anything or go through the complaint procedure. Now that I have reached this ancient phase of my life I just don't give a 'hoot'. It's kind of like when you have your hair done and you hate it, what do you do ? Instead of saying that you are not satisfied or are unhappy with the result, people just seem to skulk away and wash their hair at home, having a go at sorting something out there. They just seem to tell themselves that they must remember not to go back there to that hairdresser - It's crazy !

OK moaning over for another day ! Now, where is my placard and funny hat hehe..

Cheers to All, Kate xxx.

P.S. The above photographs are of my two sons - the younger (darker haired one) was married last May and the elder (hairless one) was married in May this year... I have to show them off you know - all the boys (apart from one) are grandsons, they were so cute in their kilts....