Council Numpties and John Barrowman...

Two Minds but with a Single Thought - " I wonder what's for tea" ?
Hi Folks,

Gosh one of these days I will think of a better start to these messages I sit here and type - it just seems so wrong to me somehow, just to start a message without firstly saying Hi or Hello just seems a bit bad mannered or something - Yeah I know crazy woman - you see, I really am a dinasaur - should stop muckin about and get on with it!

Was reading the paper yesterday and came across an article about an 82 yrs old woman who had been ordered to stop taking photos of a deserted paddling pool - because of fears she was a PAEDOPHILE would you believe... Yeah crazy isn't it ? She and her friend a 69 yr old lady went to shoot some pictures in Southampton, Hants. A council official as she pointed her camera at the empty pool demanded she stop. She said after it was all over that she thought it was bureaucracy gone mad ! City Council bosses have apologised. What kind of world do we inhabit eh? You couldn't make it up...

I watched what I thought a really interesting programme on TV last night about John Barrowman who is an entertainer and who I think is a really funny, wholehearted , down to earth guy who happens to be gay. I must admit to being kind of unsure as to how I felt about gays as such , I have come across a few during my working life, a couple of whom have been in your face - which I found a bit unsettling, but on the whole I have come to the conclusion that all kinds of folk live in this world and we should all try to live and let live .

Anyway, back to the subject in hand - I really like him as an entertainer but he was in the programme trying to find out with the help of some medical boffins what makes someone 'gay' was it nature and nurture? We were given an insight to his background as to how he was brought up , how his parents treated him and saw how he interacted with them and also with friends - one of them being his pal from when he was 5 or so, his family had organised a surprise meeting with her and it was really lovely to see how the two of them reacted, he even showed off some childhood toys. To get to the point of this epistle - it was fantastic to be a fly on the wall and to note that he was just the same off stage as he is on... I'm not usually into 'reality programmes' but this was a very interesting experiment and anyone seeing it would realize that 'gaydom' is as the boffins showed, definitely 'nature' and they are born gay it's not a life choice. Apparently it is something to do with hormones secreted during the actual pregnancy therefore while male babies are still in the womb, it is affected by previous male pregnancies, whatever actually happens takes place half way through the woman's pregnancy.

Talking about TV I didn't get much sleep last night, I ended up watching the election shown until about 3am this morning, I know, must be off my head - as though the result was going to be affected whether or not we knew the result and heard acceptance speeches etc. At the moment I am finding my attention span dissappearing out the door... the days of me watching election specials are long gone methinks.

I think that's all my blethers for the mo, so I'll say cheers for now.

Love'n Stuff, Kate xxx.