Be Thankful...

Hi Folks,

I have just read a post by one of my favourite bloggers and one of the simple straightforward lessons of life was there in words which were clear and concise . Unfortunately due to the fact that I am a bit of a 'dumpling', it took me a bit longer than others to learn we should be happy with what we have. That we don't need all the stuff and extras to make us happy - the most important things that anyone needs are someone to share the patter and laughter with , who cares for you and you for them , your health, somewhere to live and enough to eat.

At the moment I am looking out of the window at a lovely blue sky, the trees are waving in the breeze , my other (better) half is still asleep, I have a full fridge and we will probably pack a picnic in the boot of our old (14 years old but still road-worthy) Escort and head off to Helensburgh for a few hours where we will read, talk or be quiet and enjoy each other's company and where we can look out over the scenery - Heaven!

As for the 'stuff and extras' they are unimportant by comparison ..... There is a modern saying that goes " been there, done that and bought the T-shirt " and that is a very good explanation which covers a lot of past experiences and life education - I have been, done and bought! (and they're all in the rubbish bin of the past).

Cheers to All, Kate xxx.

P.S. I am also in the lucky position of having family who are blessed with all they need and hopefully they will continue to be .